Monzo full integration


Do you know when we will have full integration with monzo. As in, chip being able to read transactional data?



I have a Monzo account, but I’ve not linked it up, (I was ideally waiting for Chip so you could add more than one Account) so that is saw all of my transactions across my Financial Institutions. It seems to read my TSB account ok though I believe.

I’ve been wondering the same thing! @Hookymon5ter @sarahchip

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Any news on this. Is there a time frame?

It is being worked on!

I’ll just quote @SamyChip from another thread:

The EU banking regulation called PSD2 was supposed to go into effect on 14 September 2019. This didn’t happen, because most banks were not ready to implement this, so the initiative was pushed back by 18 months. However, This didn’t stop some banks from implementing 2FA on open-banking connections which has caused us and other FinTechs some issues.

We have a larger project in play to revamp our bank connections and use true open banking with any UK financial services organisation which is a longer-term strategic solution to any bank connection issues

We don’t have a set timeframe just yet, but as soon as we do, I’ll let you all know, but it is in the works!