New 90 day notice account

Hey all,

Outside of the spotlight of our successful Alternative Assets launch last week, we have some more good news that flew under the radar…

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve launched a brand new 90 day notice account! Collaborating with OakNorth, an exciting new addition to our partnership platform, it features a 1.55% interest rate - that’s market-leading for a 90 day notice account.

The team have been working hard behind the scenes to negotiate this rate for our user base, and we’re pleased to be able to share this with you. We also have some more news to share with you about the next iteration of our Alternative Assets project in due time - watch this space to find out more…


Shame there is no option to Autosave into 90 days’ account.
Will this be available soon?

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It’s not currently part of the roadmap, but I’ll be sure to pass this feedback along for you!

but doesn’t this go against the CHIP Autosave principal that is how the App was sold to me

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When will Chip finally get their act together? Moving money has always been a problem which by now ought to have been sorted and be there at the start of any new accounts, investments etc. I’ll bet it puts many many people from putting money into Chip because of all the messing about having to withdraw then deposit whenever a new account appears. I’ve a lot both saved and invested but I think do I go with the new account or Chase that many talk about. Seems a no brainer which I find sad as I’ve invested so much in Chip.


Hello! Nicole here, Product Manager at Chip. I am not sure if you have used the feature yet, but this year after a lot of hard work we launched our first in app money movement, transferring funds easily from your Allica Easy Access account to your Investments funds. This technology was our first foray into money transfers in app, and has been hugely successful. We won’t be stopping here and we have more to come, but as with any feature in an agile environment, we have to release, test, learn and iterate. We hope as we push on with this feature in the future you’ll be pleased with the results!

It’s not only the inconvenience of having to move money in and out of Chip but you’ve also got the daily transfer limits imposed by banks. It would take me 5 days to move all our money and put it into the notice account.


This is the best yet! :+1:

Hi There
Ive opened up this new acct. I asked if it was compounding interest which it has been confirmed it is. However i was expecting to see this in the app in that acct ( the interest adding up ) as we do with other accts but i cant see anything ? am i missing something ?


Good to see but I’m not moving my money back out of chase for 0.05%, especially when they give me 1% cashback on spending and the 5% round up savings.

If this was done two months ago I would have stayed.

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It’s paid out monthly so it will show on the page accordingly

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1.55% might be market leading for a 90 day notice account but Virgin offer 1.56% on their instant access!

Although the Virgin 1.56% only pays that rate on deposits up to 25k AND you have to have a current account so if non-Virgin customers have more than that and don’t mind locking for three months the Chip/OakNorth 1.55% acct is better…it’s not like you would change your current account for that difference

Fair enough. Horses for courses! The Virgin current account might be attractive to some for 2% on the first £1000…

Yep and rates should improve further after next MPC meeting next week.

When will savings rates move up ?

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