New Account created instead of logging in

I’ve emailed support already about this, but apparently there is none at the weekends, which is helpful.

I’ve just got a new phone and gone to log in to my account with the same number I signed up with, but it’s created a new account for me apparently.

I had the max allowance in my Chip +1 account, and this is incredibly disconcerting now that I’ll have to wait 2 days to speak to anyone.

Has anyone had a similar issue?


I haven’t had a similar issue, but if you entered the phone number linked to your existing account, I don’t think it would create a new account.

Are you sure that the number you have entered is the one linked to Chip?

That’s the only thing I can think of.

Not terribly helpful, I realise, but the system surely can’t create a new account using the same mobile number as an existing account?


thanks for the response. You may be right.

My concern is that chip asked for no verification and allowed me to link my bank etc. straight away without submitting any documents. If this was a new account, why no verification?

I changed my phone number a year ago, but have been using chip since then and have restored a back up to my iPhone before the other day, with the correct account showing up using my current phone number.

It probably is user error tbf, it’s just irritating it’s happened at the weekend with no recourse until Monday!