One off payment

I updated the app to the new UI a few weeks back and have just gone to try and deposit some extra cash outside of my regular autosaves… but I can’t find where the one-off saves are.

I thought I’d try the chat (used to work just great in the earlier app iterations) but the big old chat icon at the top just takes me to a page that seems intent on loading in every message Chip has ever sent me ever with no option to talk when it’s finally done.

What gives?

@BC1973 you can head to the ‘Accounts’ tab, then select which account you wish to deposit towards. You should then be able to deposit as normal from within the selected account.

Give me a message if you’re still having issues.


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Got it. It’s not very… ‘intuitive’ but at least I know where to go looking now. Muchos gracias.