Our email system started too early

So, firstly we are aiming to launch ChipX today. I hope you’re all very excited.

Secondly I am really sorry, one of our carefully set-up systems we created to automate these emails jumped the gun there and a few users got one of the launch emails out of sequence and far far too early.

This email was also sent without the correct links or data tags. So the buttons won’t take you anywhere.

I’d like to personally apologise for this and all confusion that came from it. We are investigating how this happened and making sure it won’t happen again. This is obviously not how I would have liked the morning of one of our biggest product launches to start.

Later today everyone will receive the correct emails.

In the meantime, please direct all comments to me personally on the forum here and I will do my best to get back to you ASAP.


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Thanks for the update Tom, I sent a message to your Instagram account this morning to let you know about this. Glad you sorted it.


First post JeepSco! Welcome to the community, we appreciate you reaching out and letting us know about this issue. I’m sure our future conversations will be more positive!

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Yup first but hopefully not last. Looking forward to getting started with ChipX.

So does ChipX use CryptoCurrency for investments? I already have some crypto that I have been watching lose more and more money the past month or so. Fingers crossed things pick up again and I don’t lose anymore money. I have lost more than 50% of my combined investment in crypto in the last month so just holding off to see if I get it back. No point selling now I guess. As the gamestoppers would say…Hold…Hold…Hold…

No Chip X doesn’t have crypto at the start

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You’ve got to sort your messaging out. Mistakes happen, but this is the 3rd ‘Sorry, we made a mistake’ email I’ve had this year alone, and it’s real money that’s being invested. I’d like to feel confident, but each wobble erodes that confidence…

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Hey David, as Rob said there will be no Crypto funds to start with, there is talks about a potential Blockchain fund, there is most definitely nothing confirmed but the conversation has started. If there are any updates I’ll let you know as soon as.

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Hi @XCN,

Yes I hear you completely on this, and it’s really not a good look for us, and again I can only apologise.

It’s no excuse, but we’re still a small comms team behind the scenes (it’s the same people here replying to you, who also updating the website, handling all social media, and sort the data for emails and push notifications too) and in all honesty we get a bit too ambitious at times for the amount we try to achieve with the people we have, the pressures lead to mistakes like these.

I’ve recently been promoted into a leadership position to improve how this team operates, and we’ve just hired a new CRM manager, we’re actively hiring for a new head of data, and we’re scaling up the comms team to ensure we have capacity and processes in place to handle our complex comms requirements as we grow.

Hi Tom

Thanks for the update.

So I’d like to ask a question about the contents of the email. It says that we will be automatically enrolled for a free trial of ChipX that we can opt out of any time. Does that mean if one were to take no action at all ( i.e. miss the email), one would end up on the free trial and then automatically begin paying at the end of the trial? I hope I’ve misunderstood and that’s not the case, it would be quite easy to miss a detail like that.



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Hi Matt,

So all long term savers get a free 28 day trial starting when their next billing cycle begins.

You can opt out now, or at any time you like.

We understand you might miss one email, so we’re going to be sending a lot of comms and reminders about it over the next month. Hopefully they’ll persuade you to use ChipX and make the most of everything it offers!

When can I open a GIA alongside my S & S ISA?

Hi @Tom_Chip, will the AI autosave feature be able to split the save between investment funds as well as goals? This will make much easier to auto ‘chip’ funds into investment funds.

@Tom_Chip There also seems to be an issue with the email I received. It says “It’s free for one year, as part of your VIP shareholder perks”, but given my investment levels I should be entitled to it free for life.

Well I should be getting it free for life because of my investment levels and I haven’t received an email @Tom_Chip……

Hi Rob, DM @FredChip and we’ll get this sorted for you!

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He’s on it. Cheers bud

Hi John, @FredChip is sorting out people who slipped through the free list now, drop him a DM and we’ll sort it out for you.

Hi Tom

So you weren’t kidding when you said you were going to send a lot of Comms and reminders. An email seemingly every other day along with push notification chat messages even though I’ve opted out.

I’m no marketing expert and that strategy might work for some customers, but it’s been enough to completely put me off using ChipX out of principle.