Pay Day Put Away Feature

@KrishChip Just seen and downloaded the new update with the “pay day put away” feature, but you only have the option if you’re paid monthly. Will there be the option added for those that are paid weekly?


Great feature but I think you should be able to select any date in the calendar also. For example the 28th doesn’t always work for me as I get paid the 29th sometimes in a month so I have to just select the last day of the month instead. Always after pay day I know but it messes with my OCD :grimacing::joy:

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Hi! We’re definitely working on updates to make the feature more helpful for those who don’t get paid on a monthly basis, so comments like this are helpful when it comes to deciding what updates need to be pushed at HQ - is a weekly feature something you’d like to see?

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Yeah definitely, I love the idea of the feature but it’s not of much use to me as I’m paid weekly. I’d like to have the choice of selecting a day each week, say every Wednesday.
Not sure if it’s possible but would like to have the option to put away a percentage of my wages, so that if you do overtime or get a bonus it would be reflected in the “pay day put way”.

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This is great feedback Charles, thanks for taking the time to comment - i’ll be passing it along to the team!

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Again, love the idea of this feature, however for me payday is every 4th Friday . . .

Hey Rob, my OCD gets messed up over things like that too so appreciate you taking the time to drop some feedback - rest assured I’ll pass this comment along :slight_smile:

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Why do I have to select a date. Shirley the AI is clever enough to spot whether you get paid monthly or weekly.

I’d like to make a suggestion if I may.

I love the idea of this, but it’d be nice to have some more control over how much to put in. Could it be done to recognise when you get paid? My salary always comes from the same place, with the same name, as I’m sure a lot of people’s does. But I get paid on the last weekday of the month, so a standard date doesn’t cut it for me…

Also, Chip can see my balance, so could it see what my balance was before I got paid, and give me the choice of how much to put away? If I could set a rule that says “when I get paid, move 50% of my previous balance to Chip”?

For example, let’s say I have £150 in my account, then get paid £1000 by Acme Inc. It could recognise the Acme Inc name as my salary, see I had £150 before getting paid and move £75 automagically to Chip.

Am I making sense? It’s a tricky thing to explain…


Hi John, picking the date is a way to ensure that you’re able to personalise the feature to be as helpful as possible when it comes to your schedule and Chip usage. For example, some people might want to pick a date a few days after they get paid so they have enough time to sort their bills out!

Hi Iain, you’re definitely making sense! Suggestions like these are super helpful to us, because we’re constantly looking for ways to improve upon the features in the app - so rest assured this feedback will be passed along to the team and discussed :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to link this kind of feature to IFTTT?

This is exactly what I thought. I see that Krish has then said you might want to choose a date a few days after you’re paid, but that is exactly what you could do if Chip recognised your salary i.e. it could present options to the user.

Expanding on that, although perhaps being a bit invasive, could Chip suggest how much you should save based on historically how much you spend from your salary? I suppose this is what it is meant to do already with autosaves so perhaps this doesn’t add anything…

Is a payday put away classed as an autosave that counts towards the £100 a month free limit for non-ChipX users?

Without using the AI, this seems a lot more like a traditional manual way of saving - essentially it’s a standing order by a different name.


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Who’s Shirley? :smirk:

Currently it’s not possible, but as mentioned we’re working on ways to make the app as useful as possible to our users, so will note this feedback!

Hi Ben, this is an interesting look into it and I definitely appreciate hearing feature suggestions like this, the beauty of the forum I suppose! We’re constantly working on updating our AI and releasing updates for features, so knowing that this is something current users might want is super important when it comes to deciding what to prioritise. Thanks for taking the time to comment :slight_smile:

We used to get a fortnightly “sprint” update on what the team was working on and which new features were in the pipeline. Would it be possible to start doing this again or at least get a list of upcoming features?
We got an email a while back on Chip 3.0 and it’s new features, but I noticed that “pay day put away” wasn’t on there. So would just be nice to know what is coming. Thanks

hi :wave:t2: I’m guessing the payday amount gets taken at 3pm on the selected day as per autosaves?

Mines set for today so just waiting to see if it works :crossed_fingers:t2:

Hey all just a quick one will chip be making a 4 weekly out away? @Chip

Hey Natty, we’re definitely still working on ways to improve the feature and will be adding new Payday options soon - will pass this one on as requested!