Payday Put Away Bug?

I’ve noticed that my Payday Put Away was pending for about a week or two and in the end it got automatically cancelled after a couple weeks.
Has this happened to anyone? Or is there anything I need to do?

Hi @Cristiano, Niamh here one of the Product Managers.
Thanks for the comment.
Yes you are correct we had noticed through our daily monitoring that some users Pay Days were getting what we call “stuck”.

We noticed this, fixed the issue and then as the pay day funds were not taken from the user account on the date that we instructed, we made decision to change the pending status to “cancelled”.

We didn’t want to take the payment again encase the funds were not available in your’s or any other users account who had a stuck save instructed on a specific date.

Your Pay Day Put Away should work as expected going forward and if you would like to make a manual save due to the missed out pay day put away than please go ahead and do this. :pray:

If you have any other feedback and questions please do let me know.

Many thanks

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Hi Niamh and thank you for the update. That’s great and good to know that was quickly spotted and fixed! :slight_smile: