Payday put away changes

Hi, are there any plans to add further options to the payday put away feature? I get paid on a 28 day rolling period and so the monthly and weekly options dont work for me.

Hi Rob, there certainly are! We’re always looking for ways to make the feature more useful to our users, so i’ll pass this on to the team for you :slight_smile:

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Second this, can’t believe all the new options that went in and still none apply to me. Also I get paid 13 times every 4 weeks/28 days so would be good if we can set a time period and then select repeats every X weeks/days etc

4 weekly would be a very useful setting, State pension is paid 4 weekly and my private pension is also paid 4 weekly. Good call… ,.

Hi all! That’s for this feedback, this thread has been passed along to our product teams, so we’ll definitely get working on making sure the feature is as useful as possible for you!

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Hi Krish, any update on this? I know it’s probably low down on the list of priorities but it’s a feature I’ve wanted to use since it was introduced but unable to in its current functionality.