Pending Auto Save

I have an auto save still pending after 48hrs.
My bank account is still connected and has not changed. The live chat said there was a latency issue and that I should manually move the money, but that defeats the whole point of Chip!

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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I have the same thing happening to me. Pending save is just sat there.

Yeah same for me too. 1st time it’s happened for me. Just out of interest, im on 89 days of save streak and this autosave would have brought me up to 90. Wonder there’s a link as don’t you get a bonus when you hit 90 days?

I’m the same with the pending auto save but only on a 27 day streak so far.

Ah, maybe not linked then!

yes, same problem here

Hi all, thanks for flagging this issue here! I’ll flag to the team internally - in the mean time, have you all managed to message Live Chat so one of the team can check your account?

I’ve also noticed that my monthly save is at £95 and this pending auto save would take me over the £100 free limit so could be a link there?

Hi Joe, just to check - have you managed to message one of the team on Live Chat?

Not yet, will do so this morning :slight_smile:

Brilliant, thanks Joe! Have also internally flagged, just wanted to make sure you’re being looked after too ahah :slight_smile:

Yes I raised it in the live chat but was told its a latency issue and need to add the save manually.

Same, my save is still pending but then had another autosave that was taken today?

Live chat have told me they can remove the pending save that has failed but it will wipe my Save Streak. That’s poor when I have not chosen to cancel the save and Chip’s system has failed to process the auto save.

I had the exact same issue. They cancelled it for me without a heads up about the save streak resetting. Granted this isn’t a real issue right now as there’s no benefits to having the streak. Obviously once bonuses for the streaks are active this would be a much bigger deal. They also said that the devs are working on a way to be able to fix this without having to cancel and thus reset the streak.

It has been mentioned elsewhere in this forum:

“0.25% Save Streak bonus on everything automatically saved in past 90 days”

So if that is active now then there is a benefit to having the Save Streak.

I must admit I’d made an assumption that streaks weren’t active since there isn’t anything in-app mentioning the bonus.

If that’s the case then that’s very frustrating.

I had the same problem and was ‘fobbed off’ with the latency excuse. I didn’t believe it, especially as it had happened after I’d tried changing the auto save amount. I then got another rey saying I was correct and it wasn’t the latency issue, it was due to the fact that changing the amount meant it becomes a manual save and only allowed 10k manual so it had failed. Yet I now have another auto save, I change it again and it goes through without a problem leaving the previous one pending. So many times given lame excuses for problems rather than issues being dealt with.

Hi there - this is really helpful feedback for us - as the more that we’re able to see an issue is flagged, the more we know what needs the most attention. Appreciate that it’s a frustration process for you, but thank you for taking the time to comment, i’ve flagged this internally!