Pending verification and no bonus

I set up a chip account and deposited 1,000 a few weeks ago. My account still says verification pending and despite having money in my account, it says I will revive 0.00 bonus on the payout date, when I should get the 1.5 rate.

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Which account has 1.5%?

I think you mean 1.25%. Are you sure the 1000 is deposited in the correct account? If so, and you press on the Chip+1 account, you should see the bonus, which is updated every Tuesday.

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I’m in the same situation? I have had £5000 in Chip+ for two weeks now with no bonus. Today is a Tuesday but it still says “Your next bonus payout: £0.00” on my Chip+ account? Shouldn’t it be saying more like £1.20. I’m very new here and I’m still finding out how things work…

I note that the bonus figure on my Chip+1 account did not update yesterday, as is usual on Tuesdays. Perhaps due to intervening holidays?

Mine did update as normal

Hi both, have you managed to message our team internally using Live Chat to have your accounts looked at?

I’ll also flag this thread internally for the team. But through the app is the quickest way to get your specific issues sorted.

Thanks for taking the time to flag so we can look into the bugs and make sure they get sorted!

Hi Krish,

When I click on the chip bot tab in the app, there is no option to send a message. That’s why I created this thread.

My account is still says it’s pending and the bonus payout is 0.00 even though I have a 1,000 deposited.

Not very impressed with the app. When I opened it the other day the whole thing had gone down and couldn’t be accessed.



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The chipbot isn’t the way to message in the app.

You need to go to profile bottom right and then scroll down to live chat

I asked the question yesterday on Live Chat but no one is answering…

Can you please DM me your details so I can flag to the team?

Thanks Krish. I finally got a reply on ‘Live’ Chat yesterday:
“I have checked with the ops team and there is a bug logged for this issue, I sincerely apologise and we’ll get your bonus displaying as soon as we can”
So, we’ll se what happens…

My bonus finally updated today with two week’s worth! Which I guess is about right. Have everyone else’s accounts been sorted as well?

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Yup, mine’s sorted now.

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Hey everyone, glad your accounts have been sorted now! It’s been a hectic start of the year but the Customer Service team are working super hard to get to everyones requests as and when :slight_smile:

I was an initial investor, and so did have a higher rate of interest, but this is not displayed on the app??

Hi Al, any investor rewards that are direct to the amount you’ve invested are being rolled out slowly - but right now it’s the products like Chip+1 that are getting attention. It’s not that it’s been taken away from you in error, we’re just working slowly on the product as a whole before Investor rewards are applied :slight_smile:

Will those investor rewards be retrospectively applied/backdated?