Percentage return/loss missing

Hi guys. The latest update yesterday is missing the percentage returns/loss in the investments

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Probably deliberately, given the current performance of the investments.

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Which isn’t Chips fault obvs….Putin and COVID

If Chip can influence the global stock market then Christ we are doing well :raised_hands::roll_eyes::joy:



The removal of the % was a conscious decision, for a few reasons:

  • Showing the returns in straight numerical value is a lot simpler than the %. This is calculated simply on the sum total of withdrawals and deposits, compared to the total growth or loss amount
  • The % value, on the other hand, was calculated using the modified Dietz formula - this was causing some confusion amongst users, as it is by its nature complex and difficult to explain in a concise manner, and did not follow the same logical pattern
  • Moreover, the % calculation was different at account, portfolio and fund levels, as a result of how the formula worked - this again was proving difficult to explain to users

Overall, showing the numerical value is a lot simpler and easier to understand, and generally a lot clearer, and that’s why we made the switch.


Ok thanks for the explanation

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