Plum - Multiple Bank Accounts

Plum have announced today that users can link multiple bank/credit card accounts from today on iOS with Android to follow soon. Will Chip be following in the near future?

Plum - Multiple Accounts

They’ve also raised $10million in funding as it gears up to expand into Europe


Just had an email from them as well saying that they now have FSCS protected interest accounts… they seem to move a lot faster than chip do as far as featured and products go.
Not that the chip team don’t do a brilliant job but maybe there should be a push to release some of the most requested features. Personally the addition of gallery pictures to goals wasn’t even on my RADAR and doesn’t do much for me in the way of helping me save.


Agree with you there, it’s been a pointless feature since the 2.0 beta in my opinion. They said there was going to be a squad goals feature but that never materialised and it’s always been buggy, not worked for me since before 2.0.
As well, when they launched the interest accounts, they launched without internal transfers and the ability to put automatic saves into the interest accounts… and yet plum has launched their interest accounts with this functionality from the get-go.
Again don’t want to sound like I’m running Chip down, just want to emphasis the need to for some basic features to be rolled out ASAP.