[Poll] When you cancel a save for being too high/low would you

Good afternoon!

I was just wondering about times where you’ve cancelled an auto save because the amount was a little high, or even a little low for you at that point of the month.

If you had the option, would you pick one of the options below instead of fully cancelling the save? Please let me know which option you would use:

  • You could change the amount of the auto save to decrease or increase to a number that suits you.
  • You could select a much lower amount decided on by Chip (let’s say £1 for examples sake) just so that you still have an auto-save, even if it’s really low.
  • You would probably still cancel regardless of being able to change the amount or select a smaller amount

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Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from you all!


Also, please suggest any other ideas that you feel you may do if the option was presented to you!

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The option to round up/down to the nearest £ would be a good one for me; I’m a bit of a clean-freak and like having a nice round number in my Chip account.
Can anyone else relate? :man_shrugging:t2:


Me! :raising_hand_woman:

Allow the manual adjustments to influence - over time - the autosave amounts (learn).


I was thinking this morning that I would find it helpful to be able to load future commitments into Chip so that it takes these into account before making a save. For example, it might make a save on a Monday but on the Tuesday I have to pay a larger than usual credit card bill (all my credit card bills are large :smirk:). If I could let Chip know that on “this date” it the future “this amount” is needed for a bill then Chip could adjust the save to make sure I have enough to cover the bill?


As well as having the option to change the amount of an auto-save (if you feel it’s too high/low) could chip also learn from your choice, as sometimes I feel the amount chip chooses is not always in line with my spending/ income.


I’ve never stopped the amount coming from my account, I’m fortunate because I can afford it. I think it’s a good idea though to have more control. I’ve suspended my account when I’ve saved my target amount, then un- suspended when I want to start again.
But being able to save from a pound or two is a good idea!


There are times when I know I can afford to save more so it would be nice to be able to change any notified change accordingly.

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I’ve cancelled in the past if I’ve forgotten to do a maximum manual save at the start of the month. I was trying to get all max saves used in the first six days to get the money earning. I’ve hit the account max now so can no longer do manual saves, only auto. Do I get the reward/interest on amounts over the max?

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Yip would much prefer a round up or down