Possible change to Contact Us Page?

Hi Chip. First of all thank you for all the great work tyou have put in to creating this wonderful app and the savings features and the new Allica account, and its predecessor the +1 Bonus account. I have loved using it, but there is one thing that I just don’t enjoy. It’s the Contact Us section.

The “Send us a Message” button I feel is a little misleading or pointless, as it automatically pushes customers to automated responses and numerous options which some of which may not help us and there is no simple option too just send a message as per the words of that button in the contact us page.

The Urgent Contact option for one does not offer us the chance to message you in or outside of hours, and suggests “if non urgent” too contact the team in office hours (from 9am) and that Non Urgent email requests will take around 2 Business days. However if urgent to email you, thats fair enough but surely this option could allow customers to message you but it does not. IT simply offers a “Go Back Button”.

I feel it would be great if you could offer a button or link to be able to send a message, without the fuss and faff of the options as there may be many a time that these options do not help. Say for finding out how many of our 5 Save limit we have used in any 24hr period, or when we can save again if that limit has been reached. As there is no other way to find out other than to contact you.

The app has been fantastic and I look forward to the future, including an option to be able to transfer ££ between accounts internally on the app without having to withdraw and then deposit again.

Have a great day.

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Couldn’t agree more.
Chip decided to lock my wife’s account and prevent withdrawals that we needed for a house purchase.
Impossible to contact anyone urgently.
We have now removed all our savings from Chip. Just dont trust them anymore.