Potential Chipmunks vs Chip Staff Match ⚽

An idea that has been batted around the office quite a few times! Would love to know the Community’s thoughts/interest/how many goals you scored for Canning Town U9s on the matter :slight_smile:

We have been running a 5-a-side team for a few weeks now and would love to get a run out against some actual competition!

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Where did you find a gif of me playing football?

(Seriously though, this is a great idea!)

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Hi team, i’ll be the first to say I’m keen for some 5 a-side! not sure how the team at chip take losing though :wink:

Not too sure about that!

I’d be well up for this but location might be an issue - I’m based in the Midlands so unless you fancy doing a Chip tour might be tricky?

Perhaps not for the first outing, but who knows? Shoreditch to World Tour? :slight_smile:


Definitely a hard no to football, but we can assemble a cheer team :rofl: