Prize Savings Account - is it Worth Doing?

I’ve been trying to get my head around the prize account, and why would we want to play it?

I put money in, it doesn’t gain interest, and have a minimal chance of winning something? It seems with the amount of customers winning is slight, so aside from leaving a spare £100 in, it doesn’t seem worth doing?


Well you have to be in it to win it !


im sure those that have won £10000 will be thinking differently ? :wink:


Now do I put in £85k in to the instant access account and gain the interest, or move it all to the prize account, no interest, with a lesser chance of winning a tenner or something else?

Assume you’ve only used the prize account?

Who used to say that on TV?!

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No, I use both. Mostly invested but about 10% of my savings with chip in the prize draw account. I have premium bonds also although chip gives you a higher chance of winning. I play on the national lottery Also for that chance win. So personal choice. There’s no right answer for everyone as depends on what kind of saver or gambler you are ? :+1::blush:

You need to put 100% into the prize savings there mate, guaranteed success over the instant access :+1:

The late Dale Winton was the main one to say it.

Ah can’t beat a bit of Dale! My brother used to date him

It’s your money do whatever you want. I’ve wasted lots of money on Euro lottery at least this way I keep my money.

The odds of winning in premium bonds is higher than the Chip account by about 2.5x.

In premium bonds odds of winning are 24000 to 1 but each £1 = 1 entry. With chip each £10 = 1 entry and whilst this may have changed the is of winning were 6000 to 1 at launch. So when comparing these the odds of winning in comparison is 60,000 to 1.

If we consider the max amount you can invest in premium bonds is £50,000 then an average winner would win 2.5 times a month, with minimum prize being £25, that equates to winning £62.50. To win the same amount with Chip you need to win more than 6 times a month with minimum prize being £10. How many people do win this many times? Remember the max prize with premium bonds is £1m.

At the end of the day we all have a choice where we invest our money and wish everyone luck with whichever route they take


Now that’s an excellent answer

It seems the sacrifice in not receiving the monthly interest is basically a little excitement

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