PS5 - Next Gen Launch - Some Joy at last?

So i noticed LADBIBLE had a day off yesterday because they gave their staff a chance to play with the PS5 on day of release!

I am privleaged to have one setup in my living room, but because of my workload i won’t get to play with it for the first time for a few hours yet…

but i thought i’d take a moment to see who else is joining me in enjoying the new Next Generation revolution?

What are you playing first folks? I think i’ll be trying AC-Valhalla,… (and obviously Miles Morales!)

Any pictures of where you’ve setup your console?

It’s a nice treat for people to have when we’ve been locked in… and had a terrible year.

I believe hardware is quite hard to get hold off at the moment though!

p.s LOVED the Oxford Underground signs!

I am tempted to get one, but the launch titles didn’t really sell it for me.

Ps2 - Devil May Cry was my first game
PS3 - resistance fall of man.
PS4 - Battlefield.

I actually think my first ps3 game was one you got lots of cool stuff you could do with the controller, but can’t remember name.

Still patiently waiting…