Q&A - Monday 1pm with Simon and Alex

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your feedback over the last few days. Simon and I are going to be running a Zoom Q&A for you all on Monday at 1pm. We’ll be covering off all your questions around Chip+1, our new accounts and the next few months for Chip.

For those who can’t make it we’ll make we record it.

Please pre-register here and you’ll get a link on Monday morning:

Until then,



I would love to attend but sadly I will be at work earning money to pay into Chip

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I wont be able to attend so when will the recording be made available? Can it be made available on a platform where we don’t have to have social media accounts to access it. Believe it or not, not everyone has or wants Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.


It’s on Zoom! It will be recorded and published on our communities

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For anyone who missed it, they posted the link to the YouTube video on Facebook.

I’ve linked it below: