Quidco - could we get listed?

Some of our competitors are listed on Quidco. Once the ChipX/additional interest rates accounts are available, is this something we would consider. Possibly offering free ChipX trial for x months rather than paying cash back of sorts?

Imagine people signing up, and Chip being able to show off its features/how much it is helping people to save, to entice further growth into Chip’s services.

Just thinking it would benefit us on several fronts - another advertising point(Quidco), which could be accelerated through HUKD, especially with the market leading interest rates to be rolled out.


This is an excellent idea. Wish I ha thought of it actually. QUIDCO or Complete Savings (which is much better value if you spend online a lot). Nice Post.

:raising_hand_man:t2:And/or Topcashback