Re-Authenticating Question

Morning Gang!

Today I had a notification advising I needed to re-authenticate my banks connection, which I did; however in doing so I’ve two points I’d like to highlight . . .

  1. Sorry to be ‘that guy’, but can I start a debate on the use of ‘till’, should it be ‘till’, ‘’til’, or ‘until’ ?

  1. Secondly, and probably more importantly, I was given the option of connecting both my accounts. Would this have worked? Would Chip begin auto-saving from both accounts?

Many thanks :blush:

Hi there! I’ll be sure to pass on the grammar feedback to @liamchip :sweat_smile:

With the second query, you will only make saves from the debit card attached to Chip and I would suggest for the best experience only selecting the bank account linked to that card :slight_smile:

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Thanks @harryfchip haha!

Yeah I still don’t know which version is correct. I think they all are though? Maybe it’s just safer to use ‘until’ to be on the safe side!

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Modern usage probably allows for all three versions, though in more formal English, ‘until’ would be the way to go.

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