Re-authenticating Santander account

Hi All,

For the last few days, I’ve been trying to re-authenticate my Santander account in the Chip app.
I’m directed to ‘’ via my browser (Safari),
I click ‘Allow’, the app the attempts to open Santander (saying ‘You will now be re-directed to Santander’), I click ‘Confirm’ even though there is an option ‘If you are not redirected, click here’ (which is a bit confusing because do I click ‘Confirm’ or wait to be redirected? I’ve tried both in any case…),
the Santander banner appears, then disappears & I’m returned to my iPhone’s home screen.

Just wondered if anyone else had encountered this problem & how it was fixed?

I’m running iOS 14.0 Beta (which, I suspect, is probably part of the problem but thought I’d check!)


Hiya @Paul1,

I’m one of the iOS Devs here at Chip. Sounds like the Santander app is crashing after the Truelayer redirect happens and the deep linking fails as you get sent into Santander then it just disappears?

I’ve also got a device running iOS 14 to make sure Chip is ok for anyone who decided to install the beta. Please let me know if you spot anything!

They’ll likely know that their app is crashing from any logs being reported. Unfortunately as it appears to be a Santander issue, we’ll need them to resolve this in order to provide permission to Chip.

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Hi Jack,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, as you describe, the app crashes at the Santander part, just as the screen is loading. I thought it got a bit worse, earlier, becasue the Chip app was just showing the Chip blue/green colour & nothing else, even after restarting the app but I’ve just tried again & the app is now starting but still the same Santander crash issue. Hopefully they’ll sort it out soon! :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


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I was having issues with authenticating my Santander account. It was suggested that, as I was logging on toSantander with Face ID I should disable that and use the passcode instead. That worked straight away. Not sure if that’s your issue but worth a try.


Hi manorfarmdave,

Many thanks for your suggestion & that does make sense. I tried it but it seems the Santander app itself still doesn’t want to play ball with the iOS 14 beta software, so I’ll probably have to keep waiting for now until Santander update their app!

Thanks again! :slight_smile: