Reconnect HSBC Bank

I can’t reconnect to my HSBC bank. It was fine then I was told to re-connect after my connection to bank had dropped. It keeps refusing to accept security code and if get it wrong one more time my bank will freeze my account. Any one else had this problem?

Hi Jayvee, are you able to send us an email on ‘’ so we can look into this for you please?

Hi Jayvee,
I also have been unable to re connect to HSBC, have tried various times and pin not excepted.
Hope they come up with an answer.

Yes. Even uninstalled the app and still refused to connect. Will just have to stick with my card for now

I have the same issue as well. By the way, it used to work before until a few months ago.

I have tried to remove HSBC app and utilise the web based version, but still no luck.

Chip technical team suggested me to raise this issue with HSBC. Spoke to HSBC and the agent (even with their manager) has no clue about open banking is about (face palm). I have to explain the terminology to them.

Just tried again and it worked!
Worth having a go yourselves now

Hi there, sorry you’re having those issues! Please do let us know if there’s anything else we can do - and keep us updated on HSBC’s replies!

I took this issue with HSBC and this is their response as below…

Thank you for the information and I’m sorry to hear you are having this issue with your HSBC accounts not showing in you Chip app.

When Open Banking first launched, HSBC had implemented two ways for Third Party Providers (TPP) to access customers’ payment accounts. Current Account information was accessible via Application Program Interfaces (API’s), while Saving and Credit Card information was available via a Modified Customer Interface (MCI), which enables TPPs to log on to your account via Online Banking. Towards the end of 2019, HSBC changed the log on process to make it even more secure and so many TPPs had chosen not to connect Saving and Credit Card information at this time as the TPP would need to ask you to generate a one-time password every time they wanted to access your account, which they would do several times a day. This will explain why you have not been able to see your savings accounts for the last few months.

The good news is that from March 2020, HSBC made Savings and Credit Cards available via API’s. However, in order for the TPP to be able to access the account information, they need to upgrade to our new “version” and so the action is currently with each TPP to upgrade to the new “version” and then they will be able to access and display your Savings account(s).

The Open Banking Dashboard you have seen in Online Banking is there to show you which TPPs you have given access to your account information. You are able to cancel any consents given to TPPs to access account information via APIs from the dashboard. However any TPPs that are accessing your accounts via the MCI route you will need to cancel access directly with them. I appreciate you don’t want to cancel access but this is what the Dashboard is for.

I appreciate this doesn’t resolve the issue for you but hopefully gives you an understanding of what has happened and what is happening in the background to improve the open banking experience for you and all customers.

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Hi there,

It is frustrating with this issue, I can’t open the new interest account which I can earn 0.9% interest. Do you know any other way we can resolve this? I find HSBC is quite hopeless in this instance. I am sure there must be other HSBC account holder might have the same issue like us?

I put the security code in first then my username and it worked and connected

Hi there, I can feed this back to the team for you and advise that you email ‘’ with your issue for now to see if there’s anything we can do on Chip side - but unfortunately if it’s HSBC banking connect thats forming the main issue there might be little we can do. I’ll DM you should anything change on this!

Further news from HSBC open banking team and I managed to resolve this issue by following the instructions below. Please spread the news to all your Chip/HSBC customers as this works!

As you are using the physical secure key (PSK), in order to generate the “re-authenticate” code you must follow these steps:

· Hold down the Green button on your PSK until it turns on

· Enter your PSK PIN

· When “HSBC” is displayed press the number “3” to generate a “Re-authenticate code”

· Enter this code into the third party site/app

Thanks so much for this!