Reduce the number of marketing emails

In the last month (10 May to 10 June) I’ve received 12 emails from Chip which aren’t specifically related to my account, but are plugging features.

That’s got to be ridiculous by anyone’s standards.

I know I can unsubscribe from marketing emails but I don’t want to do that. I just want less.

I’d consider 1-2 per month to be reasonable

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Isnt that what marketing is for ? I haven’t had that many and as quite a few are related to chip-x I’m glad to see chip is ramping up the excitement and anticipation for what is a major milestone and step in the right direction for us investors hopefully seeing a return on our investment.


Agreed…let’s get the word out, the niggles explained, and the potential publicised. Emails are perfect for that.

Blimey, if Chip don’t communicate enough, it’s commented on. If they do…


Surely you have a threshold were it just gets too much?

What if Chip sent you an email every day - would that not cross your threshold of what’s acceptable?

For me 10 or so emails in a month is far too spammy.

I prefer to get more than less and then I will filter what is relevant. Sometimes you get something not seemingly relevant but decide to take action on it ?

But then when I’ve invested as much as I have in chip I want to know they are working hard so I can get my investment back and more hopefully :grin:


For me the effect of too many emails from a particular source is I start ignoring them. I think I’ve probably given meaningful attention to only 2-3 of the 12 I received from Chip in the last 30 days.

This could be covered via a monthly investor digest (for example).

A monthly investor digest would be perfect.


Hey o99, appreciate the feedback in regard to the amount of emails we send out. With ChipX about to be launched it’s all hands on deck from our marketing team, this product has been years in the work and we want to do ourselves justice and make sure all our customers know and understand the new product.

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The monthly investor digest is a great idea! I have passed the idea on to our head of email marketing. There are talks in the pipeline of this possibly happening.

Thanks all for this input, super valuable stuff!!

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