Revolut dropping savings rate to 0.8%

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HSBC regular saver pays 2.75% on upto £250 per month a good deal.

Absolutely, and there’s still a few decent bank offers out there. You just need to know where to look!

Only if you’re happy not to withdraw anything for a year.

Some other regular savers whilst lower rate don’t impose early withdrawal/closure penalty.

I agree it has to be tied up for a year but you can save as little as £25 pm . It’s very useful for things like car insurance or anything you renew once a year, and if it’s a large project like an extension etc you can reinvest it again the next year. Always good to see what’s available.

Zeux are now retiring their 5% account too…

Not surprisingly, 5% was only ever intended to attract new business, and is not sustainable in the current interest rate climate. But they’re implying that they’ll replace it with something else…