Save Streak Glitch (again)

Anyone else still having issues with Save Streaks in the app resetting itself?
I’ve been with Chip since the early days and this seems to be one of those reoccurring problems . . . and it’s starting to affect my user experience.
Anyone else feel that these issues should be prioritised ahead of further growth - I completely get that Chip needs to grow and expand, yet for me, it’s these little things that are holding them back from being a ‘well-polished’ brand.

Well at the moment the save streak doesn’t actually achieve or earn you anything apart from your own kudos so I’m guessing it’s way down the list of fixes to be done but yes it should be fixed along with goals as they are sort of related…

Fair point.
In that case, maybe the option would be to just remove the Save Streaks feature altogether, or at least until there’s an absolute fix - for me it’s just distracting and detracting from Chip’s standing.

Mine resets too, I’ve never skipped one but I’ve figured its when my account hits the minimum amount that i’ve set it to, that seems to class as skipping a save. Annoying but as said above, they dont actually do anything so no drama.

My save streak got reset the other day. Chatted with support and it transpires I had a save attempt on 21 April which was skipped because it would have taken my bank balance under the minimum of £100 specified in my auto-save settings.

This seems to count as a skipped save, so my streak has been reset. My streak was almost 365 days! :sob:

I see this as a bug: my savings streak should not be broken unless I actively cancel a save. If a save is avoided because of the auto-save minimum balance setting, that’s the algorithm working correctly to avoid saving when I might not be able to afford it.

Unfortunately support says they say they can’t restore the streak, as this “has not been implemented on our side”. The support person said she would raise it with the product team.

I know streaks are arbitrary and pretty meaningless, but I would have hoped this could have been escalated to someone who could tweak my account to restore it for me.