Save Streak gone?

It seems the latest update has removed the Save Streak feature on my account but not my wife’s, has anyone else noticed this?

I didn’t realise until I read your post, but you are right… my streak has disappeared. I think I was about to hit 90 days or just over 90 days…
aw geez!

I had a 90+ day save streak & then the elusive pending save occurred by no fault of my own which then cancelled the streak but was back up to 20+ days. I’ve been on the chat previously & have been rest assured that the streak will be re-instated but I’m unsure what is going on within the app. Strange my wife’s is still there but not mine although they’ve both have been updated. No notification from CHIP either to advise why, hey maybe they’re adding the bonus that they promised months ago :thinking:!

Is the save streak actually doing/earning anything at the moment anyway?

I think in future updates it’s supposed to…

So I figured it was a good idea to have mine at 100 day streak to begin with at day 1 :slight_smile:

Well this might’ve been a tactical move by chip to wipe the slates clean.

Well isn’t it a 90 day thing anyway?

I’m currently sat at 96 and nothing has happened so is it all dependant on Chip X fully launching?

I’m sure I was Around that figure. Has your not been wiped too?

EDIT: I’ve just discovered that a scheduled save was in fact missed! It’s my own fault - I did break the chain! Perhaps the OP did the same?

No. I’m keeping on top of not missing an auto save to see what happens…

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No chain broken on my part, there were issues in the middle of June where saves were sat pending for days, see this thread Pending Auto Save.
CHIP then cancelled them to get around it, hence the message to them regarding re-instating the broken save streak, which has yet to be rectified.

Well that’s strange, my save streak is back showing a one day save streak, wowsers :dizzy_face:. I’m just wondering if this is to do with bank connections dropping as my connection to Starling has been dropping almost daily of late.

Would be good to get some clarification from the Chip Team as to what the Save Streak actually earns, if anything. It seems as though there is actually no current incentive to keep a streak up. I remember seeing somewhere that it was 0.25% per 90 day streak but since bonuses have been removed globally on the Chip accounts, we don’t know where we stand. Care to shed any light @KrishChip?

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I’ve hit 100 days today and would be interested in the answer also

Hi all, looking into this and will get you a proper answer ASAP!

Hi all, can those who’ve had their save streaks disappear please let me know your email address - feel free to DM me - so we can look into your accounts and amend this!

I think the main thing to answer is: “Are Save Streaks earning any bonuses at present (or other incentive)?” … if not, then are there any plans in the future for it to do so. I assume there is given the recent T&C change in regards to bonuses. If so, is there any current benefit to us maintaining a streak for Day 1 of the re-introduction of save streak bonuses (or other streak-related perks) or are “Save Streaks” currently acting as “feel good” incentives and everyone will be reset when streaks start meaning something. The in-app warning when pausing auto-saves gives the impression that resetting a save streak is a big deal.

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I had over 100 day save streak then disappeared for two day and now back reset at zero. This is the second time this has happened without notice.

Hi Anthony, really sorry this bug has affected you again, are you able to DM me your details so I can look into your account for you?

What info do you need?

Your email and phone number please!

Ok thanks sent a DM to you