Save Streak Removed?

Has the Save Streak been removed? It was there last week and now it’s gone.

I know it didn’t actually count towards anything but from a personal point of view I liked seeing how many saves I had made without cancelling one.

Mine is still there. 237 days

I was closing in on 500 but it seems to have disappeared from my app. Very strange.

Hey Dan if you email our CS team at they should be able to help you with that, super weird, my save streak is still there in my app. And may I just say, a near 500 save streak is might impressive!

What about money saved with Chip from the start…….I’m about to touch £70k :scream::muscle:

Jeez Rob that’s got to be near enough a record!! :rocket: :partying_face: Let me know when you hit the 70 milestone!

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Will do buddy :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

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They were unable to help. Apparently the save streak has been lost because the connection with my bank (HSBC) dropped, so although I didn’t manually cancel the save it still stops the save streak. Seems a bit harsh and I didn’t get any notification about it. Would have made good PR!

I wonder how many other users are letting Chip do it’s thing without realising their bank connection has dropped?!

I lost mine too a few times. I have given up as I don’t seem to have much control. A notification before the bank link is lost would be good. I don’t have time to monitor this & it seem like an issue for something that’s “automatic”.

Hey Stephanie,

Our Aggregator that provides us with customer financial data through open banking dropped their connection with HSBC without letting Chip know. Unfortunately this was an issue between HSBC and our third party aggregator ‘TrueLayer’, we were simply caught in the crossfire. If we knew that the bank link was going to be dropped we would have let everyone affected know beforehand.

So that supports my point that it was very harsh/unfair for me to lose my save streak over something that was completely out of my control.

Sorry about that Dan, it’s not ideal but it was an issue that was out of our control as well.

I have lost my 500+ saving streak.
Its now down to 8 days and reset it self when I made a payment of £500 into my ISA.
Now all my money into my chip+1 and Chip ISA is included in my saving streak
I bank with Lloyds so no connection with the HSBC issue stated the other day

Hey Michael,

That’s heartbreaking! Just spoke to the good people in our operations team and the Lloyds connection with Chip dropped on the 11th July. Again, much like the HSBC problem this was an issue on Lloyds side. It’s unfortunate it ended up hurting your save streak.

Hi Fred, whilst I personally have no interest in Saving Streaks, they are clearly important to lots of people. When something happens which is the fault of “the system” and not the individual, then Chip should have a way to manually correct things and reinstate the saving streak. Why unnecessarily annoy your most loyal customers?

Hey John! I appreciate the input and I understand what you are saying. There are a couple things to consider. These connectivity issues with the banks are entirely their fault, it’s in no way shape or form something we could have stopped.

Unfortunately we can’t manually reinstate a savings streak, we haven’t built a feature to do this from the backend. Our backend operations is fairly complex and this would take some time to build. Right now are product and development team are building a number of new feature such as auto saving into investment funds and we deem this to be more of a priority. I’m sure you understand we have to manage our time as best we can.

If this becomes more of a recurring problem, i’ll see what I can do to get ‘saving streaks manually corrected’ on the product roadmap. I really hope you don’t think the good people at chip are being lazy and that we are unnecessarily annoying our most loyal customers. Have some faith in us John!!


As the save steak earns you diddly squat apart from personal kudos I think the teams efforts are best spent elsewhere as you say @FredChip.

Autosave into investments has to be number one priority :raised_hands::clap:


Agreed, I lost my save streak months ago due to dropping connections and after false promises from your predecessor this never got resolved.
As Rob said it earns diddly squat so if it’s causing issues get rid and focus on development and stuff that’s actually helpful.

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