Save Streak reset on update to interest account

I notice that since updating to the easy access interest account my save streak has been reset, why is this?

How did you manage to update to the easy access interest account. I did the update this morning but that section is still greyed out.

If that’s the case and we loose out save streak then this needs to be fixed asap as I assume this will affect our internet rate?

Hi I think there is a bug. I had the same issue. I contacted Chip via chat and they activated it. I agree the save steak is a problem I had about 50 days I’m now back to 3 :slightly_frowning_face:

Wow, really that’s harsh but I am sure they should he able to fix it.

I currently have 69 days don’t want to loose that.

I have been trying to make contact with someone from chip but not hearing back from anyone.

I had the same thing happen too :expressionless: hopefully its just a bug they are working on. I’d be a bit seen off if I lost out on possible future interest.

Does this mean creating save streaks now will assist with bonuses in the future?

Hi @anthonygibbs! Its Corinna, from the Product Team at Chip. Thanks so much for your feedback. We have identified a bug which has resets the save streaks for a number of our users and we are working to fix it as soon as possible. This mean that your save streak will be recalculated and your original number of days will be added back on!

Hi, great news​:smiley:. Thanks for keeping me up to date. :+1:

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