Saving statements

Hi there. I wish to save my Chip statements to my phone but cannot see a way of doing this. Could anybody help please?


On my Android phone:

  1. Go to ‘Profile’ and scroll down to ‘Account Statements’.

  2. Choose the account for which statements are needed.

  3. Click ‘View Statement’ for the required statement.

  4. Statement shows on screen. To save, click on ‘Save’ in top right corner.

{5a. Statement attempts to open in PDF viewer. (I say ‘attempts’ because at the moment my phone often says ‘Cannot display PDF. Statement.pdf cannot be displayed’)}

{5b. If necessary, go back to list of statements and try again. Repeat steps from ‘3’ until statement opens successfully in PDF viewer.}

  1. Once statement opens successfully in PDF viewer, click ‘3-dot menu’ in top right corner and choose ‘Download’.

If you have an Apple device, I imagine the process is somewhat different.


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Is there any solution to the Cannot display PDF. Statement.pdf cannot be displayed’ problem,

I am permanently stuck on this

Are you on android or iphone? And, are you able to view pdf’s from other websites?

I am using Android on Samsung S8 android version 9

I have no problems viewing other PDFs,
it is using Google drive PDF viewer - I don’t how to change Chip app to use a different PDF viewer

Strange, could you install " Xodo PDF Reader & Editor", it will ask if it can be made default (I use it) and try again? If that doesn’t work, uninstall Xodo

Thanks for the tip, I installed Xodo but it hasn’t helped other than bringing up the app selector list again which is good - I am only choosing “Just once” until I find something that works

Now when I click Save it offers me a choice of three apps Xodo, Drive PDF viewer, and Firwfox but all of them fail to open the statement.pdf.

For comparison if I open a statement from my Chase banking app it offers me a choice of 11 pdf viewers including Adobe. OneDrive pdf viewers, Dropbox pdf viewer amongst others and they work without problems,

Ideally I would use the Dropbox pdf viewer since I want to save the statements on Dropbox for easier viewing on my laptop

I wondered if it was something related to app security so I temporarily turned of Secure login to Chip but it didn’t make any difference

Hmm how strange, I’m going to assume the Chip app has file/media permissions enabled?

A long shot, you could always force stop on the app, clear data and cache, and setup again? If that doesn’t work, it could be pointing us to a android issue

Storage permission was not enabled but enabling has not helped, nor has the force stop , clearing of cache and data :sob: :sob: :sob:

Like @Ben20006 above it started as an intermittent problem and I was able to save three statements after a dozen or so attempts but it has now become a hard problem.

There must be some odd about the Mime types that chip is associating with the files that is causing Adobe and other apps not to be offered as viewers for the statement files

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Just had a thought, did it work before the latest app update or has it always been an issue with your handset?

I recently broke my phone (was on lineageos) and swapped over to a normal use android, both times never had an issue with viewing statements

I don’t remember, only accessing annual statements for tax purpose don’t remember having problem last year,
Have reinstalled app without success
Firefox claims insecure connection when I try the url passed to it

also sent message via app and Ben is aware of bug and will send statements

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My statements open ok within the app, but most times when I try to save I get:

“{“error”:{“code”:0,“message”:“This is embarrassing. We’ve encountered an unforeseen error. Please jump into live chat, or email, to contact customer support and flag the error, or give us a little while to fix it! [Error code: ddb624]”}}”

It’s not a bug, it’s an undocumented feature! :rofl:

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I can’t save at all, it passes the url to firefox and that’s it, does nothing

Hey all - I’ve raised this bug with the mobile team and they’re looking into it.

In the meantime, if you drop the customer support team a line at or via in-app chat, they can try to get these statements for you manually for now.

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