Savings "Challenge" re-balanced

There’s quite a popular challenge doing that usually does the rounds at the start of most years, where you put away an increasing amount each day, with the goal of saving for the year end. The ‘logic’ goes like this - save 1p on Jan 1st, 2p on Jan 2nd, etc. etc., on December 31st you save £3.65 (assuming it’s not a leap year!) and it totals up about 668 quid. Nice little present for the start of next year, right?

The problem with it is the increasing amounts - as a one-off they’re small, but it ends up being a massive disparity - in January you save a few pence each time (just under a fiver for the whole month) but come December when you’re saving £3.35 on the 1st, it means you’re having to put away over £100.

I’ve created a spreadsheet that redresses this, and just balances out the saves - it’s not perfect but it’s a lot more consistent than the original method - it works out at about £56 a month. The sheet totals up the amount saved per month and as a total across the year to help you keep track.

If I’ve got the permissions right, you should be able to access and get a copy here

Might not be much use now we’re in July but if it helps motivate anyone to put away a bit more then all good! Could even be used with @Chip, perhaps creating a goal and doing a manual save each day?

@ChipperBen, I guess we need to be allowed 31 manual saves a month though first?

@Woody I’d say no - the way I thought of tenuously linking to Chip when I was writing the post, was creating a goal then just doing a manual save every day (or a bigger one at the end of each week/month perhaps) for the amount needed.

With the logic behind autosaves meaning different amounts get taken each time I think it’s better to do this manually as a separate goal, if doing it via Chip - the point of it is more to motivate people than anything else :slight_smile:

Using IFTTT via Monzo doing 1p challenge and Save the Date challenge. Something Chip doesn’t do.