Say hello to Sheridan!

TeamChip just keeps on getting bigger… Say hello to Sheridan; our brand new writer! :wave::writing_hand:


Hi Sheridan, welcome from an investor

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Welcome to Team Chip :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard!


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Hi Sheridan, welcome to the club, i hope you enjoy it here, take care :wink:

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Welcome aboard! Looking forward to reading your content.


thank you for the warm welcome hope your ok. I am still getting used to all of it. Can I just ask can you only get this in web browser or can you download a app for it thanks in advance

On Android, the forum (I think that’s what you are referring to) can be downloaded as a “web app”. I’m afraid I don’t know quite how you download it but I think a little notification pops up if you visit the site in a browser. Having read this… …it seems you must have Chrome installed.

I have no idea whether the same sort of thing exists on iOS, although I think you should be able to bookmark the page and add it to your home screen (see here: ). (NB: you can also add a webpage to the home screen on Android - )

As far as I know, there is no separate app for the forum, so all the above methods achieve basically the same thing - opening the forum website directly without having to navigate there in a browser.

Hope that helps,