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I’ll get the ball rolling. :soccer:

I’m Sarah and I’m the Head of Community here at Chip. I’m originally from Portsmouth, but back living in London after nearly six years in Edinburgh, and a massive pro-wrestling and video game fan. :smile:

Hey, Sarahchip pleased to meet you. I’m a Sarah too but on FB I’m Sally and for some reason I signed in here as Saxi (the name I use in all forums) just to confuse myself more than usual.

I live in Weymouth (Dorset), born in Wiltshire and grew up in Somerset - a west country girl through and through.

I design (and make) crochet patterns for a living at the moment, Before this I was a copywriter (don’t judge my typing its rubbish in my own time) and previously I’ve made my money on the stock market, inventing and selling horseracing systems, managed a telecoms company, was partner in an award-winning web design company in the '90s, have done a lot of temping and bar work and have even been a cleaner and van driver at different points.

Looking forward to finding out where this CHIP thing is going :smiley:


Hello! :wave:t2: I’m Louise, I live in London and love Chip so far!

I have two cats (certified cat lady) and play the drums :upside_down_face: I work in legal risk and compliance, but prefer to keep it a bit creative outside of work.

I’m looking forward to seeing how chip progresses!

Pleased to “meet” you!

Hi I’m Dave, I live on the east coast of England near a small old fishing town called Lowestoft.

I work as a team leader in a nursing home which I enjoy very much.

My hobbies include running, going to the gym, and supporting Norwich City FC.

Looking forward to how chip will progress, have been using pretty much since the beginning, excited that Monzo is soon to be added as this is my main bank account.

Nice to meet you :grinning:

Hi I’m Scott, I’m probably your most northern investor as I live in the Scottish highlands, in the “shire” a wee bitty north of Aberdeen.
I work as a Superintendent with a fleet of ships and besides working with the raging North Sea in oil and gas… I watch my (two series) investment in chip grow!
I also love to pop down at some point and take a look around if you’ll have me?
Slainte mharr

Hi all, I’m Rob. 45 years old. I’m originally from Manchester but live and work as an air traffic controller in Southampton. We speak to all aircraft over England so chances are one of you has had your life in my hands :crazy_face:.

I’ve been with chip from probably near the start and am excited and enjoying being involved in something that is being developed and will hopefully fund my early retirement. :pray::pray::pray::moneybag:

Hello all. My name is Dhurga. I live in Dundee. I am currently a small time investor but looking forward to the day when l can become a venture
I am very proud being part of Chips growth and being part of the chips community. Together we progress.

Hi, im mark from stoke-on-trent. Proud to be one of chips investors, claiming EIS tax relief for my first time and looking forward to my investment growing through the chip savings im making and the chip shares i hope will make me a millionaire one day… :blush:

seriously this savings concept is so easy yet so rewarding and look forward to new features.

Hi, I’m Angharad. I live in Suffolk and I have just got married so chip is coming in real handy for saving up for married life!

Hi I’m Darren from Kent. I’m getting married next year, so i need all the Chipping in I can manage!


I am Conrad from Aylesbury, I am 25 and I am a small investor in Chip and use the app regularly.

I work at Heathrow Airport so you never know, I might of dealt with you before, just give me a wave if you fly Korean Air.

Hi, I’m Ben from Bingley in West Yorkshire. Looking forward to seeing how Chip develops over the coming months and years!

Hello everyone!

I’m Harry and you can find me on live chat in the app :slight_smile:

I am a huge football fan and love Lord of the Rings :ring: :soccer:

:wave: Hey all

I’m Jason, I’m on the data analytics team :zero::one:

I’m starting to become a fan of football, sadly to the dismay to the rest of the team.

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Hey, I’m Adam. I write the code for the iOS app here at Chip. Looking forward to expanding the mobile team and making the app the best it can be in the upcoming months.

Hi everyone,

I’m Donald - I’m sure most of you have crossed paths with me by now, but for those of you who don’t know me I’m Head of Customer Trust and Satisfaction here at Chip.

I’m on a continuous quest to become fluent in French (to impress my in-laws), sing opera, dance and knit in my spare time. :fr:

Hi all, I’m Fraser.

I’ll shortly be moving to Hertfordshire from Manchester for my first job as a doctor, originally from Sussex. I love football, music and travelling.

Been with Chip from the start and have loved being a part of it and watching it grow.

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Hi All,

I’m David from Middlesbrough, work in Local Government and am new to this kind of investing, so looking forward to reading everyones posts.

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Hi everyone, I’m Sam from Manchester, I’m currently saving for mortgage (saving just to get into debt, yayh!) Since I joined Chip just over 2 years ago, Chip has helped me to save an extra £3,369.29 :money_mouth_face: on top of what I put away into a regular saver. I think the app is brilliant, I invested in Chip during the angel investment round and again for the Series A, and I will do so again when the opportunity arises.:v:Peace out