Say hi and introduce yourself! 👋

Hi. I’m new to all of this and not a fan of social media. I’ve been using Chip for a while but not with much enthusiasm or skill (building up a pot of cash and then wasting it at the end of the month). Hoping to use it more wisely in future…

Hi all, I’m Geordie from Birmingham, confusing I know, I originate from Newcastle work in Birmingham and spend a lot of time commuting between the 2. been with Chip about 6 months and keen to learn more about ChipX

Hello, I’m Erica. I’ve been using Chip for a couple of years I think. It has helped me to save for a few holidays!

Hello everyone , I’m new to chip and really looking forward to see what chip has in store :raised_hands:

Hi there, my names Lori and I’m new to this. Can someone explain a little about this. Thank you in advance.

Bought a mattress from you! Still comfy :slight_smile:

Colm, from Galway originally.
I’m a Product Manager and co-founder of The Ladder non-profit for sustainable development.

Love the idea of Chip - and so do thousands of others.
We’re a consumer-centric society with so many easy ways to spend money but so fews to easily save money.
So saving should be as easy as spending:
As much fun, with as many ways to do it, and painless.

Question: What is your most favourite and least favourite feature of Chip?

Looking forward to chatting with you all.


Hi I’m Deano I’m an engineer who works in Kent, I’m looking forward to all aspects of Chip especially investing.

Hi! I am Phil

Joined this community to share my experience and learn something new from everyone. My background is in corporate finance and I am based in London.


I’m Carl from Holmfirth, new to chip, looking for investment ideas. Hello everyone :metal:

Hi good evening everyone and a happy Friday to you all.

I’m crap at saving but so for using Chip I’m now saving and have recently invested in CHIP which hopefully will be a wise move?

I’m from Cornwall lived here most of my life, enjoy the sea and countryside and also a Pen maker in my spare time.

Hi, I’m Reena.

I had a Chip Account a few months back, but was not happy with that fact that I wasn’t able to withdraw money to a different account (my Monzo Account). I use my TSB Account to save from at present.

I’m back though now, just hope I have the patience of being able to wait for any Bonuses :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m a lancashire lad born and bred. i love saving on chip. It has been a game changer for me.

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Hi all and merry Monday and happy Christmas . I’m Nina . Great to be here . I love my chip account . Saving without really trying gets my vote :star_struck:

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Hi all, I’m Ali. I hope everyone had had a great Christmas. I’m looking forward to a cracking new year as I have just discovered Chip!

I’m trying to save for my children’s future and create a buffer for any emergency spending that may arise in the future.

I’m hoping chip can help me accomplish my goals and a while lot more!

Hi Im Steve, live in Devon and work in an engineering company assembling hydraulic valves.
Married with 2 grown up kids and 2 not so grown up.

Hey there, I’m Andy, Senior Computer engineer from Essex, Just started out with Chip following a recommendation from a friend. Pretty interested in the investment possibilities in the future it will be good to have a little pot I can dip into when I need the extra cash!

Hi guys I’m new here so be advice plz x

Hi everyone I joined a few weeks ago started to build a pot but bank issues meant I had to remove my card and money I’m waiting for confirmation to “rejoin “ when bug is sorted. I’m a Yorkshire Lass Born & bred so naturally tight with cash
but I’m giving myself 5* for not spending the withdrawal in fact I paid my credit card bill… so alls good

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Hello! I’m Carrie. New to chip and pretty new to saving. I’m a London-based actor, so my income is really up and down, but I don’t want that to stop me saving. I’ve spent the last few years sorting a mountain of debt, so really excited to be in the black and ready to work at putting some money away. I’m nerdily fascinated by fintech, and am thinking about starting a survival for actors blog, including financial stuff.