Say hi and introduce yourself! 👋

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I actually work as a software engineer in the financial services and absoloutely love the idea. I have also spotted a few bug, nothing big, but wondered where I would report them?

Nice to meet you all!

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Hey all!

I’m Lauren and work on the Partnerships team here at Chip!

It’s great to meet you all and I hope you’re all having a great week despite storm Dennis :roll_eyes:

I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions on the type of partnerships you’d like to see Chip work with, so what kind if partnerships (big or small) would you like to see? :slight_smile:


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Hi there!

Great to meet you :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you able to send the details/screenshot over to me and we will look into it?


Yep for sure, that’s not a problem :slight_smile:

Hello people, I’m Jane. Originally from Taiwan and living in London. Started my first job about three months ago, and just starting to try putting some money away. Very excited to see how much I can save up with Chips! And hopefully do some investment to get some extra cash :laughing:


Hi chaps. I’m Cate and I’ve lived in Derby for the past 5 years (:woman_facepalming: Don’t ask! :rofl:) I’m soooooo excited to join chip. At the end of last year I finally managed to get debt free so 2020 is all about saving. I’ve been a bit of a spendthrift over the years so it’s a really big deal and my goal is to hit 5k by the end of the year. I only discovered Chip yesterday so signed up straight away. I really believe this can help me achieve great things! :facepunch:


Hi All,

Super excited to be here ! I am an investor too ! Super excited to use chip ! Saving is something I always wanted to do, but never did ! Chip has HELPED me ! Thank you !
Introduced this to folks at work and friends. We even have a internal chat group at work just for chip users ! Showing off our savings etc etc !

Live and work in London !


Hi Jane!
Congratulations on your new job! Great idea to download Chip, it’ll help you save up for sure :slight_smile: It would be great if you could keep us up to date with your journey that would be amazing, Let us know how you’re getting on in a couple of months! Email to keep us in the loop :smiley:

Hi, I live in London came by chip on a chance and found it’s amazing, trying to get my friends and family onboard but seems my enthusiasm isn’t enough, any suggestions to get them more intrigued let me know. Take care in these C19 times #StaySafe

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Hi Nice to meet you I’m steven.hows everyone is everyone keeping safe

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Hello everyone! I’m so pleased to have found this as I was a plum saver but switched to chip and have missed the sense of community. I still get the plum Facebook updates so searched for similar for chip and arrived here! I’ve been missing out on so much!

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Hi I’m Andy. Live in Kent, England. Work in ICT. I’m 52 years old. Not sure how I found Chip now but I love it and it’s helped me to buy my new 65 inch TV :blush:

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Hello I’m Bec. I’m loving Chip and I’m an Employment Law Consultant. So I’m very busy at the moment!

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Hi I’m Brian. I currently work as a carer with adults with learning disabilities and various physical, mental, and emotional challenges, as well as a residential care worker for looked after children.


Hi I’m Ruth from the Midlands, semi-retired.
I work from home as a researcher for an author. I’m into all things ethical. Chip has really helped me save but believe that real Wealth is Health.

Looking forward to the new interest accounts and hope that there will be a choice for an ethical bank, one that gives back to community, the thing that everyone forgot and now we all rely on.

Hi, I’m Gary, I’ve just joined up.

I’ve been trying to link my bank account to the app but it doesn’t seem to be working. Who do I contact to investigate the problem?

Thanks is support email address.


Hey all,

Im Darren, currently ‘held up/quarantined’ in London :cityscape:, my roots are midlands but have hopes to spread my wings to the Cotswolds very soon :deciduous_tree:. I work for a tech/creative business but also have a passion for upcyclying lamps :traffic_light: Lamp5 … here is one i made earlier from a singer sewing machine. Anyone who wants to be bored to death about lights :yawning_face: im right here :raised_hand:

Really good to be part of this community and looking forward to getting to know :fries: more.

Stay safe and well


What a wonderful upcycling, great to see it!


I am new to the forum.


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