Say hi and introduce yourself! 👋

Hi I’m Ruth from the Midlands, semi-retired.
I work from home as a researcher for an author. I’m into all things ethical. Chip has really helped me save but believe that real Wealth is Health.

Looking forward to the new interest accounts and hope that there will be a choice for an ethical bank, one that gives back to community, the thing that everyone forgot and now we all rely on.

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Hi, I’m Gary, I’ve just joined up.

I’ve been trying to link my bank account to the app but it doesn’t seem to be working. Who do I contact to investigate the problem?

Thanks is support email address.


Hey all,

Im Darren, currently ‘held up/quarantined’ in London :cityscape:, my roots are midlands but have hopes to spread my wings to the Cotswolds very soon :deciduous_tree:. I work for a tech/creative business but also have a passion for upcyclying lamps :traffic_light: Lamp5 … here is one i made earlier from a singer sewing machine. Anyone who wants to be bored to death about lights :yawning_face: im right here :raised_hand:

Really good to be part of this community and looking forward to getting to know :fries: more.

Stay safe and well


What a wonderful upcycling, great to see it!


I am new to the forum.



Good morning :sunny:

Posting this here as thought the best place rather than create a new thread.

Did there used to be a referral thread where people posted codes etc for other companies?

I can completely understand why it may have been removed though - rival companies, competition etc


There did used to be, but I think you are right that it has been removed as I can’t find it.


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It’s coming back ‘in the summer’…

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hi :wave: I am very new here so any tips people have could they let me know please. Thank you in advance


I have just signed up so I’m new to everything

Hi there, how does Chip Community work?

Hi Everyone. I’m Martin and I’m in the West Midlands. Around two years ago I took early retirement from work and, even though none of my income comes from employment, I still find that Chip is a useful tool in my money-management toolbox.


Hi …another year later, and I am more of a chip investor now, and our son is not a 39 y.o. moth …he’s 40 y.o. next week. My hubbie and I are old foggies trying to keep up to date with modern banking and thinking … we love chip and yes, do you have plans to launch an ISA or at the moment is this a bridge too far for you? Today was great for English cricket and we are certainly pushing for a win tomorrow, as is chip, day by day, weather permitting.


Hi everyone.

I a nervous newbie here, I’ve never been able to save money in my life, as I have an addiction to shopping due to depression and PTSD. As a result I have significant but not unconquerable debts… I’m trying very hard to get out of debt and the vicious cycle, and although I am currently trying to cut back my spending habits, I really want to save money for a new car and to give my kids a nest egg for the future…

I live in Lincolnshire (the flat bit lol) with my two gorgeous kids so we love the countryside and I adore home interiors and Pinterest lol.
I have a small guinea pig rescue and have almost 40 at the moment, with a few waiting for their fur ever homes.

Anyway, “hi everyone” I joined Chip three days ago… Here’s to hoping that I can save for big things!


Welcome @TheGuineaPigHouse ! I’m Alex from TeamChip. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on the app :slight_smile:

Hi there - been with Chip for a few months now - curious to find out what it was all about. Very impressed so far - effortless saving! Live near Winchester and used to spend lot of time in the City working in risk and compliance - now enjoying that WFH feeling :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Alice from a little town called Colne. I’m a photographer and am using chip to save up for a new camera and also for a deposit on a house so I can finally move out of my parents house!

WelColne to Chip Alice! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Great to have you here!

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I’m Lisa and I live in Exeter with my 3 kids. I work part-time for the NHS, am a parenting blogger and have just set up as a Virtual Assistant which I’m loving.

Life is busy and we’ve got a lot of working and saving for our first home which is why I’m loving the Chip App so much.

Lisa :slight_smile: