Say hi and introduce yourself! 👋

Hi there - been with Chip for a few months now - curious to find out what it was all about. Very impressed so far - effortless saving! Live near Winchester and used to spend lot of time in the City working in risk and compliance - now enjoying that WFH feeling :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Alice from a little town called Colne. I’m a photographer and am using chip to save up for a new camera and also for a deposit on a house so I can finally move out of my parents house!

WelColne to Chip Alice! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Great to have you here!

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I’m Lisa and I live in Exeter with my 3 kids. I work part-time for the NHS, am a parenting blogger and have just set up as a Virtual Assistant which I’m loving.

Life is busy and we’ve got a lot of working and saving for our first home which is why I’m loving the Chip App so much.

Lisa :slight_smile:

Hey Gina, great to have you here! Brilliant to see that you’re using it to save for a house, keep us updated on those goals!

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Hello all :wave:

I’m wayne from Swansea, sunny South Wales :sunglasses:. I work as an electrician and a decontamination engineer for the NHS.

My friend introduced me to chip few months ago and I never looked back. Love the the fact that I have saved so much in such a short time. I hope that I can invest in chip because its opened my eyes into saving, and its a company that I believe in. Thank you :blush:.

Take care all


Hey Wayne,

It’s great to have you onboard the Chip family - super pleased that we’ve helped you save so much and can’t wait to see that Chip graph reach greater heights! :sunglasses:

Remember, when you hit £1000 in app, we’ve got the #Chip1000Club, so please do share your screenshots with us and use the hashtag, so we can celebrate with you!

Hi everyone, Tom here, just invested in the latest round.

So so SO impressed with Chips low CAC, high deposits, and the team’s ability to drum up hype around this product.

Unicorn status incoming :unicorn:


this is nice do you have a blog?

Hi everyone,
Just joined the forum.
Chip has been a little lifesaver for me and I’m in a good place now with saving. I’ve also joined as an investor. Looking forward to seeing what else is rolled out in the coming months.


HI Im Ed
I am one of the original investors and I am absolutely thrilled with progress the very talented team have done so far I have continued to invest and hope to do so again. The chip+1 is a great idea and as you roll out more additions to the app I will be participating were I can.
Please keep us informed of any further progress.
PS if you went public tomorrow I would hold on to my shars.


Hi @ladyem! Welcome to the forum :relaxed:

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Hi @Edthemilk, :milk_glass: welcome to the forum!

Hi I’m James.

I live in the North West (Manchester) and I invested in Chip on Crowdcube in October 2019 and then again in September 2020. I work in IT as a Senior Technology Specialist and I play the Drums, the Bass (almost) and the PlayStation.

Thanks All


Gday James and welcome

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Hello @sarahchip and hello everyone, I’m looking forward to finding out more about how Chip works and finally getting my savings act together!

Hey Sara, excited to have you onboard the Chip team!

Hi, :wave:

I’m Matt and I live with my parents in a small town called Stotfold in Bedfordshire.

I’m a semi-professional wildlife and nature photographer and I also enjoy playing video games, making Warhammer and Airfix models and I’m also continuing to self-teach myself to play the guitar.

I’m hoping to get better at managing my money with help from the Chip+ savings account that I’ve got and hopefully less impulse spending on things that I really don’t need while being able to save up for a new laptop which I so desperately need!

Keep safe all!


Hi Sarah

This is copy of msg I’ve just sent to hellp@chip, but here’s a copy direct to you (as I’ve only just found you as the Leader on this forum!) - hopefully you may get it fixed quicker? Thanks!


Hi I’m an Investor in CHIP.

I have requested access to the investor group,but still have not been enabled. And it also seems that others are also having the same problem, see: Investor forum access - Everything Chip - Chip Community

PLEASE can you get this fixed ASAP, and enable my access. My username on the forum is G6CID

Please advise when done, to email address:


Hi @edoardomoreni

Great to have you onboard with Chip, I also invested in Emma too, hopefully there could be some possibility in the future of Chip & Emma working together? :moneybag::chart_with_upwards_trend: