Say hi and introduce yourself! 👋

Hello everyone, I’m Tom. I’m Head of Content here at Chip. I’ve been writing about consumer finance for a fair few years.

I work with our UX, customer success and regulatory teams to create the voice of Chip.

When I’m not at work I’m either on my bike, training in stunt combat , or trying to write a novel.

Hi folks. I’m David, I grew up in Kent but have now been living in and around Manchester for longer than I lived down south!

I’ve been using Chip since November 2016 and use it to squirrel away money for a rainy day. I invested in both rounds of CrowdCube funding as I am a big fan of the product and how it can help people save.

I work in a tech support role for a software company here in Manchester, so investigating issues, and finding and reporting bugs is right up my street… so if I find any I’ll be reporting them :wink:

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Hi I’m Tony

Living in North Cornwall, originally from London, but lived in lots of places having done over 40 years in the Military.
Loving the Chip concept and have invested a bit of money in it and looking forward to the exciting developments coming down the line.

hi, Steve from Essex

my wife says i squeak when i walk and therefore i am happy that chip has enabled me to put some funds away for later

worked hard, scrimped and scraped during the early years, eating soup or beans on toast so that the kids ate correctly and had clothes on their backs.

now later in life, the kids are all grown up and are starting out on their own path, and i am there if they need help.

im now labelled and judged to be “lucky” that i can go on holiday and can put savings away for those years still unknown to me, mostly by smokers who burn a tenner a day and drinkers who throw a bottle of wine down their neck every night. , add up those costs and my holidays and savings are just the same.

no luck involved we just choose to spend it differently

Hi I am Warren,

Originally from Kent but spent 38 years of life in New Zealand, who has the best rugby team in the world :wink: :muscle:. Been back in the UK for 9 years and am a small first time investor in CHIP. It’s a great product and I have saved nearly £1500 on top of other regular savings, so it’s a game changer for me :smiley:

Hi all

I’m Ian I live between Nottingham and Derby and a massive Nottingham Forest fan I’m afraid…

This year I ran the London Marathon at the ripe old age of 52!!!

Love chip and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us all!!!

hi got interested in chip when i wanted a better option than moneybox happy to have arrived!

Hi Guys,

I’m Danny, yes that Danny.

If you frequent other Fintech forums you’ll know who I am :sunglasses:

Anyways :man_dancing:t3::man_cartwheeling::person_fencing:

Hi Sarah
I’m Phil I live in a village south if Chichester (the place you crawl past in your car when on the way to Portsmouth or Brighton) married for 25 years this Sept to the lovely Julie celebrating in Cyprus this year thank to chip savings


I’m Curls or Huw if you want to know my human name.

I am a shift worker and tend to find myself doing a lot to do with personal finances on my night shifts.

I joined chip for the 3% from MSE, and managed to recommend a friend to get it to 4%. But after the year it went back to zero and so I moved on.

Unfortunately in this day and age loyalty isn’t rewarded and you have to keep moving your finances.

However, I did LOVE the app, and I would be tempted to get it again if and when the right offers come up.

Now the other reason I’m here? To learn, personal finance is a hobby and interest of mine, and the more I learn about up and coming companies and the industry and get to know the people in them, the more experienced I’ll be for the future.

I love my job but I hate shift work, so maybe showing a side interest in something else and trying to learn a bit more about the world of banking and finance and it’s future will be a bit of personal development.

Plus I get some downtime on night shifts to read through lovely forums like this.


Hi I’m Luke

I’m from Cardiff , a high football fan, I’m a season ticket holder at Chelsea and follow them all over Europe.

I love festivals and gigs and chip is the first company I’ve invested in.

NATs hey? Some of my colleagues work there!

Hi I’m Danny invested in chip I also do share dealing on the aims market drive for a living and iv only 5 years until I retire that’s if I do retire my friends say I won’t lol

Hi, I’m Gary and I live in Middlesbrough in the north-east. I run a men’s mental health organisation called Men Tell Health ( Been a Chipper for a couple of years and love it! I’m married with a 10 year old son and love reading, music and cinema.


Hello everyone,

I’m Gohar :wave:t5: I live in Glasgow and work in a milk lab.
Recently I’ve been working with a team of business analysts and project managers on projects where I’m testing and helping develop new software for the company.
Finance management has been a task since I started earning money but now I have an app that helps with it which is brilliant. I’ve always had an interest in finance and trading stocks so I’ve tried to stay as informed on Chip as possible as I think it maybe headed in the right direction for consumers to get a foot in that market.
It seems as if there are people working for Chip that care about their customers and each other as much as their business which is a quality I’d like to see in more companies.
I like what Chip has brought to its users and look forward to seeing if they continue to be innovative and where they go from here :slightly_smiling_face:

Another one from the far north of Scotland. I always go by my pseudonym Finty online :grinning:. Discovered Chip when it was mentioned on a very well known and oft quoted (in the tabloids) forum.

Hi guys,
I’m James, from the seaside area of Hartlepool called Seaton Carew

I’m a financial consultant for schools by day and a father of four plus two Beagles by every other minute.

Love the app! Keep up the good work.


Hi fellow Chippers,

I’m David from Bonnie Scotland. I’ve been a chip saver almost since it was originally launched. Since I joined I’ve saved almost £12,000 and have taken my share options in both rounds of investing so far.

After working at a senior level within a few Global engineering organisations Chip has allowed me the financial cushion I needed to make a dream come true to take the plunge almost a year ago now and set up my own business. After the first year of trading things are going from strength to strength and I simply couldn’t have done it without Chip.

I agree with some others who have already noted that it is unfortunate now that I tend to use Chip as a vehicle to allow me to save chunks of money which I reinvest every 3-6 months into some other areas with returns of between 6-8%. I was never a fan of the referral method of increasing returns but did benefit from increased interest levels from both rounds of share investments.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how these investments look in the future and truly hope Chip becomes a serious contender in the Global Banking Sector.

Hi! I’m Toni. Glad that you’ve moved away from Facebook!

I live in London and have done for 4ish years. Before that I lived in Lincoln.

In my spare time I play roller derby (occasionally these days)

I am Ajay; a Dad of 2; Physicist; Systems Engineer; RAF Veteran; Crowdcube investor, Seedrs investor and Blockchain investor/enthusiast.