Selling Shares - financial emergency

I bought some shares via Crowd Cube in the sale before last.
Unfortunately my mrs lost her job during the pandemic and that money tied up in those shares would be life-saving if I could get my hands on it.
Is there anyway doing it without losing too much money?
Surely there are other investors out there in a similar boat?

Unless another person can buy your shares privately (not even sure how that works) then I’m afraid not. I do remember Crowdcube saying last year they were looking at starting some sort of share selling platform but as yet that’s unseen or heard of…

and then of course there EIS to consider if was appropriate ?

i dont think the shares are transferable and this would support that,determines%20your%20percentage%20of%20ownership.&text=The%20main%20way%20to%20make,you%20cannot%20sell%20them%20immediately.

That has some good examples on the EIS relief.

Roughly speaking I think you can claim 30% of you investment back as a 100% reduction to income tax once you have EIS certificate. Then worst case of the company goes bust, you can claim further relief against your losses. So if you are a 20% tax payer and lose the remaining 70% of your investment, you can get an extra 14% in relief back.

Right now you can only claim the 30% I think.

IIRC to be eligible for any of it, you do need to hold your shares for at least 3 years, but check that statement is correct.

If you were able to sell to someone else, then I don’t think they get any of the EIS benefits, so that needs factored into the sell price. I would just go through the EIS claim route.

Can I claim EIS even though I’m PAYE? I always thought that it only available to self-employed?
Or have I missed the boat on that too?

If you invested and said in your profile you intended to claim EIS then you can claim it. It’s for everyone who pays tax not just self employed

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You can claim, you just need the certificate that should be an electronic one in your Crowdcube account. You fill the form in and send it to HMRC and they will send you a tax refund for 30% of your investment. Sounds like a good option for you as selling your shares will be tough.

You need to have told Crowdcube in your profile prior to investing though to get a certificate I’m pretty sure…

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