Show me the money bloggers

Hey Chippers,

Just a quick hello from me, I’m our Partnerships Manager here at Chip but some of you may know me form my work managing different user communities over the last year.

Pretty straightforward thread from me but something I’m interested in exploring - what, if any, money bloggers/websites do you visit to help you save or spend better?

Let me know which bloggers you follow and the best tip they have given you!

I’ll start -

Blogger: SkintDAD
Advice: Download Chip!

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Money saving expert
10 ways to have more money

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Boring, but Money Saving Expert is the best around. Their best tip I have used is on switching current accounts to get sign up bonuses. £100 from Nationwide and £175 from RBS were recent wins. :ok_hand:

Monevator, Mr Money Moustache & The Escape Artist.
All three recommend that you start saving yesterday, and that you start investing it for future returns.