Some clarifications

I am a long term investor but new to the forum - hi :slight_smile:

Could you please help me out? I am trying to find the following information:

  • The total of my shares and their current value? Im a bit lost as to where we can consult this.

  • When do you envisage the investors getting any payments as a result of investment?

  • Can I have access to a business plan that allows me to see the trajectory of the company, where it is at at the moment and what the next steps would be, specifically in relation to the questions above?

Thank you

Hi Xavier,

The simple answer:

Your shares are worth nothing at the moment…you can’t sell them on the open market

You will only get a return on the investment when the company floats on the Stock Exchange, or gets bought out by another company.

Doubt you will be provided with any “sensitive” information, but the Company provides investor updates on a fairly regular basis.

Understand and thankful for your answer.

I guess I am interested in getting a sense of how and when the company plans to reach the Stock Exchange as you said. Would be good to have a sense of the plans being made or trajectory that is planned towards that.

Thank you

Next step is the VC round, which should come within the next eighteen months or so (otherwise failing other new investment, cash burn may mean the company is no longer viable). Then another year or two of growth before, as said, Chip either comes to market or is bought out by rival, bank or cash-rich entity that sees future or competition in Chip.
So probably another 3 years minimum before there’s a liquid market for shares. Other than that, you may find private buyers from time to time, especially when published metrics are looking favourable.