Still waiting for Easy Access

According to the blog post Easy Access should be available to all customers by now. My login is still showing “We are rolling out access to this account…”. I check my Chip account most days and this banner hasn’t changed. What’s happening with Easy Access?

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Yeah, this is becoming frustrating.

So much emphasis (and re-emphasis after re-emphasis) on useless side features but no movement on this, which to me is the big one.

Chip is great and I love how it works but if it doesn’t pay interest then it is essentially useless. That’s why I havent added a penny to my chip account since the bonus ended and won’t be until the interest account is added.

With the cost of inflation and no interest being paid it’s literally costing you money so why bother to put any money in? I’d rather take the 5 seconds to manually transfer to an account that actually pays, of which like there are many.

There should be new features coming soon. I think the key usp of Chip is that you should be able to let it do its thing in the background, and let it save amounts you wouldn’t notice missing and typically spend otherwise(that’s generally what happens to my funds if I see them sitting my account, I spend).

Completely agree that if Chip can also provide you with return options based on your risk profile, that would significantly increase its value to you, and hopefully you will see this soon.

Hi all, are you able to DM me your Chip details so I can make sure you all get access this week? We are working on the rollout to all our customers ASAP and appreciate frustration - super pleased whenever we’re given feedback on the forum though!

I’m also in the same boat, qnd i cant see how to DM you. Can you help please…