Suggestion: User Avatars

Suggestion for future updates:

Adding in an option to add a ‘Profile Picture’ or ‘Avatar’ from the ‘account’ page where users initials currently are; it just seems natural to want to tap it and for something to happen . . .

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Great idea.

Suggested this months back and it was dismissed.

Hi Viney! I agree - this is definitely something we are looking into adding to the app in due course.

We are looking to make Chip a bit more personal with little things like this, and also allowing Chip users to add their own images for goals (for example).

I am sure @liamchip could give a bit more info on this :slight_smile:

Fine as long as someone is reviewing all content uploaded as imagine it will be held on a chip server?

ah , but you are also on the ignore list :slight_smile:

And proud of that achievement!

Why would content need to be reviewed . . ?
It’s only the User (& Chip) who would see it . . .
By uploading an image/creating an avatar one would consequently agree to it being uploaded to Chip’s servers’

What if that content was inappropriate, indices on copyrighted material or worse illegal, you would be making chip a party to the event, especially if that photo is then posted on group stuff or used in emails. It

The image/avatar would be used solely within the app; not shared/distributed etc.
It would only be the app-user that sees it.
But hey, should Chip decide to implement it, that would be a discussion to be had, should it be deemed necessary.

Hello all! (not ignoring any of you, unfortunately can only reply to one person at a time on the forum) :smiley:

As with anything of this nature, we would need to assess certain processes (such as the potential for reviewing images) before they go on the app, and I imagine this will be laid out in more detail closer to it actually being a feature in the app!

As always we will be sure to keep you in the loop :slight_smile: