Switching to Chip from Chip X

Hi, I’m trying to switch to Chip from Chip X. I go on select and compare accounts and I can compare the options but there is nothing coming up on my screen to select an option (Chip). ( I have 5 days to switch before being charge for Chip X )

Is this due to your investor rewards coming to an end and starting to be charged? I had a similar email stating that you have to close your stocks and shares ISA before moving to the free plan.

Yes, that’s correct. I don’t need what chip X offers, so just wish to switch to Chip which has all I need and is free. It says you should be able to select which plan you want but I don’t have this option on my screen.

Your post prompted me to check my app. It shows Chip x 5 days left. I have received no email, so I don’t know if this is just a monthly renewal or in 5 days I will be charged a monthly fee. Like you I can see each or compare, but does not appear to be an option to switch to Chip. Can’t even send a message, used to be able, so will have to try tomorrow AM to find out what my situation is.

I did have a email back along - I merely want to go to ‘chip’ which is free rather than chip X which I don’t require and have never used!

If it’s of any help mine says it will “refresh” in 5days time. As a relatively early investor I’m not expecting to have any fees just yet.

Actually, so does mine. Also an early investor.

Exactly the same for me, told I was about to be charged so wanted to swap plans…no option to swap plans!

Hey all,

The ‘refresh time’ just displays the billing cycle and is mostly relevant for ChipX, but this display is standardised across all Chip plans and has always shown in the same way. This doesn’t apply to ChipX Investor, we will always let you know if something is changing with your plan.

The email specifies that the reward is ending (for those to whom this applies) on Friday 5 May, you won’t be charged before then, and every user whose reward entitlement has finished has been contacted via email.

You should be able to change plans in Profile → Your Membership → Change or view plans. I’ve asked one of our product owners to look into this to confirm, and I’ll update this thread as soon as I’ve heard back.

Hi, mine is ending in a couple of days, and there is no option on the compare bit for changing plans. Please sort this asap.

Hey, just to reiterate, if you’re on ChipX Investor and received the email, then you won’t be charged until Friday 5 May. The team are looking into a fix for the issue now.

Out of interest, how is the monthly payment for ChipX taken? Is it taken from within your investments (so you don’t see it) or is it via your bank account?

Hi, the issue has been solved thanks. I got chip X as an investor perk and have never used it.

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