Tandem say goodbye to their AI savings

Just received an email that they will be switching off their AI savings service on the 11th January.

One less competitor for Chip!


Yeah I got that as well!

Wonder what the reason behind it is…

That actually looks suspiciously like they are cooking something up… soon to be released.

And to get them where they need to shut down legacy code and put away old architecture.


I’ll watch that tentatively.

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Funny as I thought the same that maybe something new was in the horizon…

That’s still over 28 days away which, depending on how much users save, is the same time most users will stop auto saving on Chip (rather than paying £1.50 a month) :rofl:

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I would never have introduced an AI service for savings. Anything artificial is never going to be as good as the human brain when it comes to critical thinking.