The #Chip1000Club!

Hey team!

It’s been a fantastic week on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for Chip savers, and I wanted to see what our brilliant Community Forum was up to as well.

We’ve seen loads of our users joining the #Chip1000Club and sharing those upward graph shots on socials, and it’d be ace to see you all get involved too. I absolutely love scrolling the socials and seeing how much you’re all smashing it when it comes to growing that Chip stash, so please go ahead and tag us on Twitter and Instagram at @get_chip and get involved in the Chipmunks Facebook group as well!

Scroll down to see how some of your community members are doing, and i’d love if you shared your graph shots here as well! Doesn’t matter is you’re not quite part of the #Chip1000Club, let us know where you are on your journey, we’re all in this together :muscle:



I’m rapidly approaching the chip £25k club over my account lifetime :ok_hand::flushed::grimacing:


Absolutely smashing it Rob, I’m not sure many people will be able to beat Level 25 of the #Chip1000Club to be quite honest :sweat_smile:


Where do we find the total saved whilst with chip these days. It’s probably in front of me but I can’t see it.

On the save email you get through…

Not always accurate though. Not sure how often it gets updated but I can go 3+ auto saves and the total in the email stays the same.

Think you’ll find it’s prob updated once the money has been processed out of your account…in my case it’s usually 2 working days from the save notification…

Of course. Totally memory block. Thanks.

I wish I still had all the money that chip had put away for me :crazy_face: my graph looks like the IAG (BA) stocks right now. Mostly down. :sob::joy:

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