The Football Thread

Well I’ve seen a few of you are fans, why don’t we have a thread for it?

Who do you support and why?

Predictions for the next season? I’ll mainly keep the focus on Prem and EFL, but if people start replying with much wider team and country preferences then we can adapt the topic as it goes, or even make a new one.

Me? I support Liverpool.
Why? Because I went to university there and my entire friendship group also supported them, and they were the ones who got me into football.

I also support my local club Wrexham as I am from N Wales.


I predict another tight title race between Liverpool and City, but I am biased. I will never be seeing saying ‘it’s our year’ but things are looking up in Merseyside at the moment!!!

Other predictions?

Wolves pep one of Arsenal, Chelsea or Man U into the top 6.
Lampard has a decent season but still gets the sack.
Tottenham struggle to keep Pochettino.

I’ve been a Brentford supporter since the age of 9 (66 now). I’ve seen decades of lower league misery with the odd flash of success. Fellow Bees supporters can’t believe the last 5 years under the magnificent financial guidance of Matthew Benham (shows how being savvy with money pays dividends- like Chip) Events this week have given real hope of mounting a serious attack on promotion- whatever happens it going to be a thrilling season. I also follow Aldershot- who couldn’t be further financially from The Bees. They got a reprieve from relegation to National League South as Gateshead went bust and have been busy putting a team together for a NLP campaign. Interesting days!!

I’m a MUFC fan, always have been since I was at primary school, and having been through the highs of the Fergie Days, am pessimistic of even achieving a Top 6 finish for the next few years.

Anyone up for a Fantasy Football league? Join the Chipmunk Savers League (code: rnkyqz) if so!


@manorfarmdave As a temporary resident of Aldershot I can get on board with this! The team sometimes use the same gym as me :laughing: Obviously I am a finer specimen! :weight_lifting_man::biking_man::basketball_man::person_fencing:🤼Brentford are decent, will be better if they can nab Pontus for £5m! Leeds will hopefully bottle it again :crossed_fingers::speak_no_evil::laughing::joy:

Back on topic though, I am a Norwich fan for my sins. We have not done too badly under the Webber and Farke pairing. They have a knack of finding hidden gems or just dusting of slightly underachieving gems!

The PL will not be particularly interesting this season. Liverpool and City will dominate and hopefully Norwich will avoid the drop. I think Leicester might be a surprise package this year. Some good buys and their younger cohort are definitely coming of age!

I am an Arsenal Fan.

I support Arsenal as we play great football though we have suffered disappointments I still believe in my club.

What fantasy football league is this in as I’d like to join

@andiec is that the official PL FF? If so I’m in :smirk::wink:

Edit: Joined! :soccer:


My Aldershot allegiance comes from living in Ash & Aldershot for 12 years up to 2012 when we moved to Leicester. I followed the rise from Ryman League up to L2 which was an incredible journey. Sadly they couldn’t sustain it but the fans are very passionate. Norwich were a good team last year and I’m sure will do better than Fulham (boo!) and Cardiff. Brentford have become the masters of find them cheap, polish them and sell on high. You could put out s decent team from past sales and now they are buying better quality for a hopeful stronger season. Example- Ezri Konsa bought from Charlton 12 months ago for 2.5m about to be bought by Villa for 12.5m. Chris Mepham brought through the B team route and sold to Bournemouth for £16m!

The Official Premier League: (its free to play and you can win prizes throughout the season just for playing :slightly_smiling_face:)


Great shout! Will try and sort a few prizes for the winners as well :slight_smile: Game on!


I strongly condone this message - great content!


Newcastle fan :neutral_face: long suffering.
Using Chip to save and fund a takeover bid! Only a handful of other supporters can say their club is in more of a mess. Bad times!


Unlucky Dan - although it could always be worse, my best friend from uni is a Mackem…

Signed up to the FF.

Worst of luck to everyone this season! :sunglasses:

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Congratulations on your 1st post PaulChip & welcome to the forum.

Can’t remember who I support.
But the Young Guns will see us into the top 4 this year!

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Anyone doing the fantasy hub fantasy app??
Looking for a league to join :slightly_smiling_face:

A fellow gunner! Glad to see you

Villa fan here, my local team and really chuffed to be back in the EPL. I’d like to think a mid-table finish is on the cards, but survival will be fine by me while the new signings start to click together!