Top Autosaving Apps

Good read, do you agree with their choice, and if not, what would it take for Chip to move up the ranks?

Hi Richard, an interesting read - hopefully we can give our users the confidence to know we’re rising to the top bunch of the with the plans we have this quarter!

Round up’s very cool tool to use

Two of the three pay MSE to be on the list (the top two co-incidentally).
So, I guess one way to get on the list is to pay them to do so.

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That can’t be allowed surely unless they state that in the article - I thought MSE were meant to be independent?

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They do state it at the bottom… “anything with an * beside it … etc .etc …”
As for independence, I would treat that with a bit of salt. They have to make money remember.
For example, they have a continual downer on Santander and yet, they are still the best value bank regardless of the changes they are continually making. I have never had problem with their customer service either (but that’s another story). What is true is that they do not contribute to MSE coffers.

Sorry I should have qualified that “best” bit… Still the best bank for a “current account holder” is what I should have said.

Thanks, yes read that bit at the bottom, but it does state they have chosen the best they see for readers - regardless if they can use affiliate links or not to help cover their site running costs.

Not all of their recommendations have affiliate links.

I can understand why Chip would not feature in the top three (I’m not quite sure why it isn’t mentioned at all).

On the autosaving side of things, come October this will be a charged for feature (and you currently pay for over £100 in a 28-day period). With Tandem and Plum there don’t seem to be any charges for the basic service.

Although there is a 0.9% interest account with Chip, you can’t autosave to this account and I’m not sure it is available to all users yet (although I believe it will be come October).

Tandem would appear to offer more features than Chip - it does the algorithm based saves, but also offers a weekly save option and round ups. On the other hand, Chip does do the payday save thing.

I haven’t checked but does the reference to “account(s)” with regard to Tandem mean you can link multiple accounts? If so, that is an advantage over Chip.

I also believe that Chip’s autosave account is still e-money rather than FSCS protected (may be changing in October?) which appears to be the case with Tandem.

The fact that MSE currently have a referral scheme with Plum makes it easier to recommend them over Chip as £5 is £5 that you wouldn’t get if opting for Chip instead.

I think mainly it is the fee for autosaving and the lack of interest or a referral bonus that means Chip is not listed as a top autosavings app.

Them’s my thoughts.



And some of the points you make Ben are those things that are making me hesitate to invest any more than I already have in Chip. It isn’t the “no-brainer” it looked at the outset of the journey.

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I rather regard it the other way round - being a ‘class of 2018’ investor, there have been points subsequently when I have balked at further investment, but I do think, despite the minor glitches that seem to arise regularly, the published metrics make a further investment worthwhile, so I’ll be acting accordingly.

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Fully agree Philip, being in the ‘Chip’ picture for sometime, i can see the progress and improvements that give me the confidence to invest further. Absolutely, minor glitches arise, but show me a progressive company that this doesn’t happen to.


Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I thought I would try out Plum, and I have to say from a user experience point of view, it’s frustrating.

It had one section saying it thinks it can save me x on Electricity/Broadband, where I think x is just a standard number it quotes to all.

I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt, and after wasting time(5/10) mins really, it said it couldn’t find any better. A few days later it sent me an email saying it could save me x again, click to find out more(and another today).

It’s also clearly not as intelligent or well thought through As chip either in the saving department. I tested what would happen if my account went overdrawn after Plum had notified me of an upcoming savings transfer(don’t worry I made sure it wasn’t end of day to avoid charges), and it still took money out my bank account.

Chip has done neither of these, during my time using the app.

Here’s looking to a bright Chip future!