Total number and value of shares

Hi there, where can i see the total number of shares I hold and their value please?

I’d also like to understand this! I can see the total number from within Crowdcube but not the value of a single share.

If you cant sell your shares, does it matter right now on a ‘notional value’ someone else has applied?

We want to wait and see if we get VC input, and what ‘value’ they place on the company.


Ok is that the chip strategy?

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Note: @KrishChip this topic would be better placed in the Investor subforum although OP may not have access.

There was an email today which linked to Crowdcube, which mentioned:

The Directors have passed a resolution to allot … new shares at a premium of £1.39 per share …

So I just used the £1.39 per share (although I’m not sure if that is right).

To find out/remember how many shares I have and what price I bought them at I have used the EIS forms I have - on page 1 you have “Number of shares issued” and “Amount subscribed”: divide amount subscribed by number of shares to get amount paid for each share.


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Thanks very much Ben

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There’s always one.

You want to wait - I’m just interested as a very early investor what the multiple is based on the valuation of the business at the last round.

I’m not trying to sell them. It’s fun for me (and others, it would seem) to want to know this.

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I am an investor and have invested twice. I have just received my statement of beneficial ownership for the second round (358 shares). Why has this statement not included my earlier investment? How has the allocation of 358 shares been valued? Is that £1.39?

I’m afraid this is all very confusing for people who are new to investing but we are the people you are encouraging to join Chip.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Tbh as a fellow investor, as much as it’s useful to know an estimate valuation of shares, it’s only really useful if it came to a point of sale or further funding rounds that will be needed.

I would sit back, relax, and be happy that we are currently still considered a going concern :blush:

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If it was the last round that’s just recently closed that is correct £1.39 per share. The previous round (convertible) has yet to be converted but will be £1.11 per share. I am by no means an expert in this but that is how I understand it.

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How I understand it also

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I have invested in Chip from the very start and have 5 different share certificates on crowdcube, some as B investment class and some A. The shares certificates are assigned to different ‘companies’ but are just different stages of Chip. I would love to know how many total shares I have - is it just a case of adding up all the shares from each certificate? Thanks and sorry if it’s a silly question. D

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Yes it is as simple as that. CapDesk will have all the totals once it’s been updated also


Thanks to those have replied to me.