Total savings not matching deposited amounts

I’ve been looking into my activity and have noticed that the total saved amount is lower than it should be. I am not even including the latest saved amount, even though it indicates it’s done and should appear, and still, I am around 5 pounds shorter than I should be. Considering each of my savings is never lower than 20 pounds, this doesn’t make sense. I have only checked amounts for the last week, but I have the suspicion this has been going on for longer and I might have “lost” way more money than I think. Has anyone else noticed this?

Do you have any goals set as if so it might be in that part as it allocates whatever % u set the goal amount to save from the save so to speak so if you set your goal % at 20% and save £20 then £4 will go to your goal and £16 to you normal save balance

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Hi @luciamonita!

Luckily this is a visual issue on our side that we can amend easily if you pop into live chat on the app :slight_smile:

Ask for me specifically and I will be sure to amend this personally!

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