Totally Confused Now with Chip

Is your account fully connected? If not then Chip takes educated guesses at amounts……

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Thanks for the response Fred.

I’m happy to hear that everything was in line with FCA rules though I don’t think you’ve really answered the crux of the concerns in this thread which related to everyone on the ChipX trial having their subscription to the product continued at the end of the trial. I still don’t think this was the correct approach - surely this was something that Chip should have required members to opt in to at the end of the trial?

I’d echo the concerns raised by @w2h1982 and wonder if a clarification e-mail should be sent to users confirming that their trial of ChipX has ended and they are now on the plan permanently, with the £3/mo cost?


First of all, thanks for the response Fred, but did you actually read this thing you wrote before posting it? Do you honestly think this is something that’s ‘easily done’ by someone whose main motivation in joining Chip in the first place was to put away a little money each month without thinking about it?

I hate the political tone of the responses from Chip in this thread. You moved me onto a plan that’s taking more money than I’ve explicitly given you permission for TWICE in the last couple of years. Admit this is WRONG: I don’t know about it being illegal but it is definitely sneaky. I don’t want to have to micro manage my Chip account to make sure I’m not getting charged for more than I’ve given my consent for. It’s WRONG.

Ugh- sorry- you can tell I’m getting impatient and angry. I also hate all this stuff about ‘it was clearly communicated’ in emails. I don’t want anything to be communicated to me about moving me into a higher charging price plan without me EXPLICITLY asking to be charged that much. Ever. That is WRONG.

So- change your policy. It is not right to keep moving people into higher price bands. I wonder what Martin from MSE will say about it? Will he say it was clearly communicated, it’s an exciting time, loads of possibilities, the sky’s the limit, it’s been so popular with many users blah blah blah? Or would he call it out as being sneaky, underhand, corporate jargon hiding the fact that you’re taking more money from me than I’ve ever given consent for?

Seriously- can you address that, or will that get lost in more politician’s talk, avoiding admitting you’re wrong and just getting it fixed?


Hi Fred.

I am sorry but I cannot take your word for this that Chip did not break FCA rules.

I provided a link to their own website, which says: “Money can only be taken from your account if you’ve authorised the transaction.”

Maybe you can get you Chief Compliance Officer to explain how, moving people to an account on a free trial basis without their consent, and then charging them for the use of that service when the free trial ends is in compliance with the above statement? At what stage did the user / customer authorise the transaction?

It is also important to be clear, just sending a couple of emails to a user is NOT communication. Communication requires you to get consent i.e. a response agreeing to those new terms. If you don’t get a response then there is no “acceptance” of the changes in the contract. In the Law, if you want to change a contract i.e. what someone signed up to when using the app, you need to get both parties agreement to change that initial contact and the terms within it. Otherwise, I could say, “Guess what Fred, you owe me £1000 for a holiday I booked for you, I emailed you about it 6 months ago. I did not get a reply from you but took your silence to mean you agreed”.


I agree but would just caveat that by saying that most banks etc when they change their terms, to reduce the interest rate for example, will send an email with the new terms and say that “you can close your account before the above change takes effect, if you don’t then you agree to the new terms”.

This seems to be accepted as a legit way to alter the terms.

The alternative to this would be to close the accounts unless the customer actively accepted the new terms by reticking a box or something.

However, in the original terms the customer did actively agree to, there will be something that says something like:

So the customer agreed to the implied consent at the outset.

I am not saying that moving people onto a higher charged product is the same thing as reducing an interest rate (I don’t think it is), just that there doesn’t necessarily need to be the two-way thing if the customer initially agreed to a one-way notification and then doing nothing being treated as consent.

I think moving people from Chip AI to Chip X is like moving someone to a completely new account for which there will be different terms and conditions that need to be agreed to, explicitly. It isn’t just changing the amount being charged for Chip AI, it is a completely different product.

A free trial upgrade for a month seems fine, but if you then want to charge for the new product you need to get the customer’s agreement to the new terms.



Hi Ben, all I would say is there is a big difference between reducing interest rate and moving you to a few paying product without your consent. But accept the point


Yes it is authenticated, I had a notification today to say it was due to expire in the next 14 days.

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It’s still not good enough. Chip should arrange for a barber shop quartet to visit every user just to make sure they are aware of the charges.


“Baby on board, something something, Burt Ward”…

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I had the auto opt-in to ChipX trial happen to me the other day. There was no option to decline when I launched the app. Like some others, I think this is totally inappropriate. As it could lead to higher fees, opt-in should have required user consent.

Regarding communication by email, I’ve said this in another thread (and it’s been highlighted by others in this thread too) - there are far too many marketing emails. With such a high volume many (most??) people will stop paying attention to them. I’ve entirely unsubscribed from marketing emails from Chip because there have been so many.


Fantastic contribution to the discussion


No you’re right, Tom. It’s much better I complain about receiving too many emails while simultaneously complaining about not being aware of things I’ve been told about in emails that I can’t be bothered to read. Great thread all round this one!


You can’t just disagree with everyone. In your case you may have received all the notice you need about charges and everything else, but clearly many people have not been informed. Charges shouldn’t be stuck on a forum that many either don’t have access to or don’t look at anyway, they shouldn’t be sent by email to some but not all etc. I am an investor and have quite a lot invested and saved and would like Chip to do well for that reason, but have very serious doubts about the way things have happened for a long time now. I am completely unable to recommend Chip to any friend due to errors, misinformation, broken or delayed promises etc. They need to improve but all I see currently is an increase in the cost of the Christmas party.


He (Hobbie) can just ‘disagree with everyone’. He may not be right, and you may disagree with his opinion, but he CAN disagree with everyone.

Side note…I actually agree with him!

Hobbie for President!

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Evening All

I’m doing my weekly read through the forum, getting a sense for everything going on in the Chip community.

Some uncomfortable reading in this thread, especially when coming from some of our most engaged and loyal members of the community, and in some cases shareholders too. This is what community driven product and business development is all about, so as always thanks for taking the time to discuss it here.

The point made above several times that I’ll be taking away; It doesn’t matter how many emails we’ve sent or that we followed the FCA rules, if our savers feel they have been mislead then we’ve handled this badly. The customer is always right as the old adage says.

I have to take the responsibility for this and I apologise to everyone who feels misled or confused. We’re learning and do really appreciate the feedback.

If you have been upgraded to X and want to return to AI, just visit the “Plans” button on profile. If you’d like a refund for the additional £1.50 just ask in the livechat or customer helpdesk and we will graciously do that for anyone who asks.

As always, thanks for your support and for the very real feedback! I appreciate it.



Seems you are one of those who likes to state the blindingly obvious. Obviously he CAN disagree with everyone, as that is exactly what he was doing. That wasn’t the point I was making. I have little interest in opinions, I prefer facts, and the FACT is that many many people have not received notices they should have done throughout their time with Chip, myself included. Chip have made many many ‘mistakes’ and if I only take myself as an example, you only need to multiply that by a fraction of people on Chip to see how many ‘mistakes’ are made. So, agree or disagree with Hobbies opinion but the facts speak for themselves.


Very immature attitude & not constructive going forward l.

You realise that is a Beatles lyric acknowledging the username? Defusing a situation i would say is constructive. But yes, very immature, I’d agree!

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HI everyone,

Alex here. Thanks for all the comments - if it’s ok with you I’m going to lock this post as I feel the conversation has been covered off. We’ve noted all the feedback as Simon mentioned. We have a big announcement tomorrow we think you’re going to love, can’t wait to share it with you!!