Trading212 trading account

I thought these guys would be worth a shout. I recently signed up to them about 6 weeks back, by referral from a friend. The referral offered us both a free share up to £100, for depositing £1.

I’ve had 4 free shares to date, National Grid, Royal Dutch Shell, and two Under Armour. Not bad for a quid!

The interface is decent, and really easy to use. They also have a lot of stocks and ETF’s on offer, and are much cheaper to use than Hargreaves/Fidelity/Interactive Investor, as do not charge an ongoing platform fee, or additional commission to deal.

I mainly use these guys for a small book of ETFs, does anyone else here dabble?

ETF’s I currently hold are:

VWRP - Vanguard FTSE All World UTF Acc GBP
IUKD - iShares UK Dividend
ESPO - VanEckVectors Video Gaming and eSports
ECAR - iShares Electric Vehicles and Driving Technology

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I’ve heard A lot about Trading 212 recently but didn’t know about the £100 offer! Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Anyone interested, Freetrade have a similar offer at the moment: Invest in stocks and ETFs commission-free. Sign up here with your email and get a free share worth up to £200 to get started.

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Another one with freebies: Be the first to try new Orca Investment App! Join the waitlist get up to £2750 worth of stocks! Use my link to join the giveaway!

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